WhO pLaYs GuItAr??

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  1. & what kind og guitar do u have?

    i have a epiphone acroustic & a ESP F-200
  2. I've been playin for nearly 3 years. Going to the Academy of Contemporary Music next year aswell to do a degree in guitar.

    I have a Fender Strat, but I want a BC Rich Warlock and a red Gibson SG...... *sigh*

    Oh... and learn to type.
  3. i do i just started though. i got a tahoe guitar. i think it kicks ass. i hope i get good
  4. I've been playing guitar for some 11 years and bass for some 9-10 years..... don't have that much gear an ibanez sr-400 and an jackson js-1 (wich is under modification at the moment) couple of acoustics and an shit old keyboard little green and made out of metal.
  5. I have a Strat lookalike and a vintage 1964 Supro. As far as gear goes I use a Fender Roc-Pro 1000 as my amp and a Zoom 505 multieffect pedal.

    These days, I'm playing my acoustic for college, an unknown brand Brazillian guitar from 1969. It's a classical style guitar and sounds incredible! mmmm :drool

    (edit) what, no drool smiley? drat ;)
  6. got me a Ibanez RG570 and i love it...been playing for about 9 yrs...started taking lessons after i saw the video for "November Rain" once Slash came out of the church and did that solo i knew i needed to play guitar...i like to think im pretty good...but i usually tell myself i suck
  7. i have an ibanez and a yamaha, and taylor
  8. Hell, I've been playing for like 3 years and I've got in chronological order: Yamaha FG-400A acoustic, Ibanez GSR200 bass, Ibanez RG750, Fender MIM Strat (w/ hot rails), and some Teisco guitar

    my amp is a Marshall Valve 50 watt... the thing was like $500 thank god for xmas
  9. Just picked up an Epiphone Les Paul. Dig it.
    And I have a Washburn strat and a Yamaha acoustic.
  10. i've just started playing guitar, and i only have an acoustic now, but i'm saving money to buy an electric one :)
  11. High all- I use to be in a band that played cover tunes. I think we wrote 1 song. Anyway I played an Ibanez RG560, (I think Ibanez makes the best guitar) now I have an Ibenez acoustic I pluck on 2x a year or less... I have a lot of good memories too, although some of the best times I had in that band were when I was way drunk, so I don't remember!! Our drummer was into Maiden and Rush, and was very good.(Still is) Our other guitarist provided most everything for me as he always had the cash and was so generous. I earned my keep by showing everyone how to play something right if it was not right. We did stuff like Maiden, old Metallica, Ozzy, Dokken, Sabbath, Anthrax, etc. After the family came, I never could seem to get my wife to bee cool with me going to practice once a week for a few hrs. I figure it is not worth risking losing my son over, but it makes me mad when I think about it. Rant, rant!!!
  12. I have a custom Strat style guitar. I bought all the bits and put them togethor. so its custom for me. 2 Alnico 2pro humbuckers and solid ash body. I gotta pretty shaged out 1974 carlsbro wasp. But my main amp now is a Mesa Boggie Nomad 55watt all valve monster combo. Ive also made some cd's of me and my band, which are called Porn Star Deluxe!!
  13. I've been playing for some time now, first started playin bass still have it, a yamaha bb200 black, and then got into guitar, so i bought a 50th anv. black Fender strat, and a little crate amp,
  14. got a yamaha acoustic recently but am working real hard at it. want to learn to play electric. possibly start a jam band witha couple of other hippies
  15. thats good- keep practicing!!
  16. thanks man, heh you play a lot dog?

  17. I have a fender telecaster,epiphone hummingbird acoustic, a marshall stack and many pedals.
  18. I have an ibanez an ibanez electric and bass im currently in a band in west texas.... we just got together and we play metal
  19. i seen this thread for a while so i mine as well add-on

    I started playing bass guitar 10 years ago soon after my brother started guitar., i just wanted something to play that i thought was easier and diff but still similiar. lol i was wrong.,

    past the basics, it can get difficult, but always fun, there's nothing better than chief'in down while 'jamming' with other musicians :p
  20. epiphone les paul custom, black with gold trim, plays beautifully

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