Who plays guitar/bass?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Jack_Herrer, Dec 14, 2003.


What do you Play?

  1. Guitar.

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  2. Bass.

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  3. Both.

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  4. I wanna learn guitar.

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  5. I wanna learn bass.

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  6. I wanna learn both.

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  1. I play bass and some guitar. guitar players will probably outnumber the bass-heads.
  2. i've been playin guitar for 6 years,back in high school me and two other freinds had this band called kreken. we played nothing but hardcore/speed metal,we could of probably made it big to.its a shame
  3. I've played guitar for a few years now. I'm not that great but I have fun messin around with it. I've played a friends bass a few times, and its cool, but I prefer guitar.
  4. i play guitar, bass, drums, piano, throat. music = super good funky fun.
  5. i been playing the guitar for about 2 weeks....lol

    so you can imagin my currint skill levvel...

    and my bass will be heree in a cupple weeks....

    so i dont know wich i will be more into..

    i already got 3 cords and a hanfull of power cords down

    and im working on scales and hammer on and pull offs alot ...

    wish me luck
  6. yeye! first to vote bass!

    bass is cool sept every cost loads more!
  7. I play bass.
  8. My two band members who are the "talent" :) in it play both guitar and bass.. but its pretty much, if you can play guitar, you can play bass... (not slap bass) I really wanna learn to play slap bass, flea (red hot chilli peppers) and pnut (311) are awesome slap bassest... I was at a RHCP concert, flea broke open his finger playing and he got super glue and sealed it shut, and kept playing, it was awesome!
  9. Have been playing guitar for 17 years, so about 2 years ago I decidet to pick up a bass (although rumor has it that guitar players make the worst bass players). You can hear some results on


    Problem's just that Zylark turned down the bass in the first three songs. But we're gonna get a pro to do the final mixing.
  10. Ive been playin' guitar for about 5 years. i started playin on a shitty PV electric then i bought a cheap yamaha acoustic. finaly i droped a few notes and bought a gibson sg. and later a marshall amp. i focus on a neil young electric style, like off of the live rust album. i am also into the pete townshend style in some of his sounds off of who's next, aswell as angus young, and mark knoffler of dire starits. guitar has tought me to appreciate music more.
  11. I've been playin bass for a lil over a month, pretty much all I know is Zeppelin, but that will all change once I start taking lessons in January... Can't wait to learn me some music theory.
  12. if you wanna learn good bass lines go with the jazz style. i don't like jazz very much but the riffs that some come up with are awesome
  13. I play guitar in my band but mess with bass on the side.
  14. I play bass in my (our...my friends...I dunno) band Banana Bob and the Leprechauns...I play guitar, just not in a band right now. I started with bass cuz my mom told me that more bands look for a good bass player than guitar (well...not that they look more for one, but its easier to get into a band playin bass than guitar cuz a lot more people play guitar) so yah...I started with the bass, me and my friends made our band...then Wes taught me to play guitar so yah...:D
  15. I play bass in our (me and my friends) band Banana Bob and the Leprechauns...I can play guitar too, but I dont in a band. I started with the bass cuz my mom told me that it would be easier to find a band lookin for a bassist than a guitarist, she was pretty much right hehe...so yah, me and my friends made the band and then my friend Wes taught me to play guitar :D
  16. I voted "both" but that isn't all I play:

    Bass (electric & upright)
    Percussion (Orchestral & Jazz)
    and I'm learning Tenor Sax

    Did I mention that I am a Music Industry Major/Jazz Studies Minor with an emph. in Percussion?:D
  17. i love the avatar burnburnbeef...the dancin black mage :D
  18. i have been playing the bass for almost 4 years now.
    and i have to say one thing: bass rulez!
  19. I have been playing guitar for 6 years.. Started with an acoustic when I was 12 and bout an electric when I turned 15. About 5 months after purchasing my electric I bought a Bass, and it soon became my favorite :D
  20. ok so ive had the bass for a few days now ...and it is so fucking much easyer than the gitar i cant believe it !!

    but i still cant put the gitar down

    the wife is getting mad cus i fall asleep with ither the bass of the gitar in my hands everynight .....oopppsss?

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