Who play's dead space stoned?

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  1. Hey guys.

    I swear, waiting till it's pitch black out, shutting all the lights off.

    Taking a huge bong rip, and then playing dead space 1 and 2

    Holy shit, is that the fucking scariest thing you can do.

    If there are any other video gamers out there lemme know if you've tried this.

    I fucking love doing it.
  2. Just got Dead Space 2 today

    so I plan on doing that ASAP lol. gotta get through work first though, and im dry:(
  3. ur post time is 4:20. i like that:smoke:
  4. i used to do that with the first one. But now i got HD TV:)
  5. i have the first one on my pc....havent played it yet.

  6. What does having an hd tv have to do with anything?
  7. I have, it was the most brutal thing i have ever done, i was going on from the school area, (Dead Space 2) there a part where you see a women nursing a Necromorph baby, that was scared into my head for hours.

    Then once i got attacked, i completly freaked out randomly fired shots everywhere, at anything that was moving, then once i survived that i just stood in a corner locked on the one entrance to the room i was in.

    Now the best part, Total play time 10mins (5 of which i spent staring at the only entrance to a room)

    After that i was almost too scared to move, i made the mistake of not having my room light on, it took about an hour to get the nerve to move and turn the light on, then i chucked in a movie and just chilled, thank god for Grandma's Boy.
  8. i have to be stoned to play dead space
  9. hahaha came to this forum to post about how awesome dead space 2 is stoned. Just got it today and its pretty awesome. Never played the first one, so its new to me. I love the random shit that gets you out of no where and the plasma cutter is pretty cool too.

  10. This is exactly what happens before i play dead space 2.
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    i am god !


    ok. This made me laugh my fucking ass off!

    For me, the scariest part of the game, was when you fight the stalkers for the first time.

    I was so ANGRY at the fucking game, because I literally felt like I was being stalked by Velociraptor.

    At first I thought the game was fucking with me, I couldnt tell if the sounds were real, or if I was high. Then it kept getting louder, and louder, and FUCKING CLOSER.


    Little shit head sticks his head out. And I start winging Flametanks at his ass, and he runs away. I had to stop for a moment to collect myself >.>
  12. i love playin deadspace high! Need to get myself deadspace 2 :)

    its the perfect sequel

    Think of dead space like the alien movie saga

    Alien 1 = super scary

    alien 2 = scary, but shit loads more action

    dead space 1 = super scary

    dead space 2 = still pretty scary, but shit loads more action.

    My favorite quote, and its at the very end of the game


    Isaac is classic bad ass
  13. I posted about playing Dead Space 2 while high in another thread; it's basically why I signed up for these forums. It's absolutely terrifying to play while high, at night, and in HD. It also allows me to comprehend and relate to the sheer terror that the colonists in the Sprawl feel. It's fucking scary... and fucking awesome. After playing for a while, I have to play something nice and happy like Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii.

  14. I was high as shit when I first played.

    When isaac was going through the living area's of the sprawl, and was passing the apartments.

    And you heard the baby crying behind the locked door.

    its really fucked with me emotionally.

    I assumed the woman crying and crawling towards the gate was her mother.

  15. Yeah, I tend to notice things that I would normally miss and I also dwell on things more to try to make sense of them within the context of the game world and the story. Plus I just got a cable that will let me use my nice headphones with my TV, so it's going to be even scarier with the surround sound in my headphones.
  16. Did I play this stoned?

  17. hehe....yeah, I've been playing Deadspace, late night, while high. Freaky shit. Creepy environment and good scares. Interface and camera took a while to get used to though. Awesome once you get it. Playing it on PC.
  18. But because i was so stoned, the whole first playthough I didn't know anything but the green boxes gave ammo out. I left like every shelf untouched lolz >.<

  19. Ah man youve just made me want Deadspace 2 even more if thats possible haha . Gunna go get myself a copy tomoro now i have some moneys :D

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