Who Owns You?

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    "But what about the social contract!?!?"
    *end extreme sarcasm*

    God I love this girl. Not only finer than frogs hair but actually has her head screwed on right.
  2. I own me and I don't owe you shit.
  3. I'm not allowed to tell you. 
  4. How do you live within a society without obeying the rules and regulations and paying taxes. Taxes makes things possible , obeying laws makes society safe , establishing a moral code that people should abide by is just how it should be. Government can be very overreaching since we don't have the right to commit suicide which I think is stupid. Because it is our body ,and some of those things need to change.

    But think about it , if you create your own society and don't make any laws or rules , or establish any tax .then that society will crumble. No money to build roads , people acting out of primal instinct instead of abiding by common law , etc. it would be a mess.

    We own ourselves in the sense of consciousness And self expression guess , but when it comes to be able to do whatever we want whenever we want and still being able to function or make a living. No
  5. Localization. Taxes should pay roads, police, fire department, city utilities, ect...  Get rid of the federal gov't. Protect ourselves from within our own society.   
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    "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains."
    That's the rub …
  7. By being born you signed a social.contract. or some shit. Makes sense on paper

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    So you believe Hobbes in which he says people are nasty and brutish and need some overlord to watch them? Maybe in the Dark Ages, but in civilized society that is completely false. 
    People are voluntarists at heart, just look at how society functions. People wake up, go to work/school/whatever, and the VAST MAJORITY of people do so voluntarily and do not force others to do things. It is only until a government gets involved that more people become corrupt.
    People have their own moral codes, its not something conjured up by government, and not something that would disappear if government vanished. You know why people have this code? Because once again, look at the vast majority of society, who, do not murder, steal, extort etc on their own individual accords, but once again when government is involved, it goes to shit, and all those things become legalized.
    Taxes are legalized extortion, plain and simple. It is incredibly naive to think that without taxation, there wouldnt be money to build roads. There is enough incentive from business owners, from shoppers, from workers etc, to VOLUNTARILY give money to fund things. The whole taxation and roads thing is a farce, to get you to think that without that extortion, minor details about life couldnt be done. Instead, while being distracted by that fluff, taxation really goes to wars, murder, salaries for politicians, drug war, imprisonment etc, all things which probably COULDNT be done without that legalized extortion.
    So this hypothetical scenario in which there are no rules, and it is true anarchy where there is absolute freedom for the individual is just silly, because that wont happen in modern age, because people believe in certain rules and moral codes for it not to happen. Modern day anarchists have morals and rules to follow, voluntarists do as well.
  9. My guilty pleasures own me.
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    Rules =/= rulers. You can have a society with rules and not rulers.
    When it comes to granting a group of people the "authority" to extort, it never ends well. Power like that doesn't just stay minimal.
    People make things possible. Demand makes things possible. Not taxes, unless you mean it makes war possible through such a gigantic collection of money.
    Obeying laws doesn't make society safe. I don't need a law to tell me not to kill and laws don't prevent murderers from killing. There are such things as bad laws. See Nazi Germany. You can establish moral codes with a poly-centric legal system. One apartment complex might have rules another apartment complex doesn't have. One store might have rules another store might not.
    Its left to the people to decide what best fits their needs and they "Vote" with their money. The 420 apartment complex will probably do better than the one that doesn't allow it.
    A community of preferences instead of a government that forces you to accept only one preference.
    Government can be overreaching and the only thing you bring up is they wont let us commit suicide? (Less tax money for them) Similar to a farmer not wanting his cows to run off the cliffs.
    Perhaps YOU should think about it. We've all been fed the idea that without our masters taking our money and giving us the scraps of these services, SOCIETY WILL CRUMBLE!!! Nonsense. Similar to security in a mall, there will be a demand for security and unlike police, they actually have to please their customers.
    We are in a mess currently. Look at how many people are imprisoned for victimless crimes. We're forced to fund such a destructive and life sucking war.
    As seen in detroit, now that it takes police over an hour to respond, people have been setting up their own security services and people are buying them. As well as a private bus transportation that you can bring your own booze in. Also has wifi. Someone basically bought some buses and painted them to represent regions of the city. Theres an app to see where the bus currently is.
    Are roads that important? If not, then why should people be forced to make them? if they are important as you say, you don't think a demand for it will bring it about? How about a large company that wantts to be able to have its goods delivered back and forth? They would made a larger donation than many for roads. People who pay for advertisement signs. People who want their workers to be able to travel to their jobs. Many incentives. Government just takes your money and pays it to the lowest bidder. When there is a monopoly, quality goes down, costs goes up. Government has a monopoly on many services that would otherwise be better if left open for the people to decide whats best for them.
    Who taught you this would be a mess? This is all in your head.
    At no point can you help the poor and not fund war.
  11. About roads I posted an article of a  highway that was built in like 3 days by voluntary cooperation. No one was even paid people were just tired of waiting for the gov to build the road. 
  12. Yes I do , look around you, look at Chicago. Imagine the cartels. No money for infrastructure and education left to the parents UNLESS order is established, you'll have people killing people because there are no laws saying don't kill people , and even of there was a. Law saying you can't kill people . Who wiłl punish those who break the law.

    Even in nature you have a pack of wolves l, and wolf pack leader , lions , elephants , you name it. Throughout nature order is established. So why do we feel like we can do without it? What's keeping me from robbing a bank tomorrow if we had no rules all of the sudden ? And what will be money's worth? You all figure we can drop the way we have lived for hundreds and hundreds of years because some people making the laws are corrupt?how about eradicate corruption first. Stop jumping straight to anarchy. People are crazy.
  13. Look at Chicago indeed! A direct result of government. War on drugs built the gangs that ravage that shithole right now.
    I never said their isnt order, I specifically gave examples and reasoned them out as to why people have their own moral codes and laws.
    Whats keeping you from robbing that bank is your own moral compass, and the security guards with the guns at those banks.
    The thing that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is the frontal cortex, and higher intelligence, the ability to reason and not act like a primitive lump of meat.
    You are also ignorant of modern day anarchy and voluntary thought if you think those individuals do not want order, or to not punish criminals, or to not want peace and to act like uncivilized individuals.
    And last but not least, is you believe Hobbes and that people are terrible, then why give them the vehicle of government to cause harm to the population.
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    Yes, look at Chicago. You wanted regulation... Chicago is a direct result of that regulation.
    Yes! Imagine the cartels!.... whom make their money off what the government forces to be illegal.... Direct result of government regulations YOU want.
    There are such things as private schools. No taxes = more money to use to spend on what you want. Instead of giving portions to what you disagree with and are forced to fund.
    You'll kill someone because a piece of paper is preventing you? That's sickening.  Like I said, you can have rules without rulers. You can have courts and judges. Government simply has a monopoly on these services. --- So in your statist ideology, whos stoping the cops from killing and imprisoning innocent people?
    Security will punish those. Similar as cops. Its just that the government has a monopoly on providing this services to you. And with monopolies comes bad quality of services and higher prices. Cops have no legal obligation to help you and you cannot withdraw your money from such a shitty services as that. If a private security agency says they don't have to comply with your contract with them then you simply stop paying them and find a better one who will. Can't do that with the police.
    Nature doesn't have governments or taxes. Silly comparison. No one is denying voluntary leadership.
    Whats keeping you from robbing a bank? People in the bank with guns? Security? Consequences? Who would want to do business with you after that? No body. You're looking at this too simplistically.
    Stop jumping straight to forcing people to live the way you want. IT hasn't worked in the passed 3000 years.
    Actually most gangs are a perversion of older community groups that came together to survive in a time of great oppression.  But yes, the war on drugs (combined with increased poverty) has become the primary vehicle for that perversion.
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    Nazis own us all. They didnt lose WWII, they just had to move and change stratagy. Check out the documentary Dark Legacy. It starts by showing us who pulled the strings behind the assassination of JFK and moves on to show how the "string pullers" are out for a one all powerful world government who owns you.

    Also check out:http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zf-JMuf5YE

    They are guna try and implant tattoo everyone.....
  18. how come mankind didnt crumble before money or taxes or any of that was invented?

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