Who on here loves Adderall?

Discussion in 'General' started by unclehoss, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. I do!
    I'm taking them for college and i love 'em!
  2. You won't love em if you keep abusing them.

    I used to be a speedfreak and used to think like you, you won't like them eventually. All this Amphetamine leads to no good.
  3. Yea, i know..it's the only i do other than weed. I only take them to study and for test....i control them pretty well.

  4. Good, keep it at that and don't over do it, you'll regret abusing drugs like this.

    Stick to the good ol green :smoke:
  5. Haha...true,
    I have always wanted to try shrooms or LSD, so im gonna try those down the road..lol
  6. i agree, stims suck. fuck adderal. i'ma hater, what can i say?
  7. Adderall is fun, I took 30 mgs this morning. I only do it once every couple days though. Oh dude btw shrooms are awesome, I experimented first time like 2-3 weeks ago. If you're a first timer only eat like 2 grams (depending on the quality of the shrooms) thats what I did and I was groovin, it was perfect. not too heavy at all
  8. Addies are my poker fuel. Nothing like fueling one addiction with another while smoking cigarettes to keep my boredom at bay.
  9. adderall doesn't really effect me. It used to help me concentrate a little bit but now it only helps me stay awake... what gives?
  10. have to take them for studying and other school bullshit, but i don't doo too much. my best friend used to take shit tons of them and now she won't even take a 5mg.

  11. How much are you taking at once?
  12. you're taking them for college? i thought that was an institution, not a condition.

    adderall is speed in pill form man, just remember that. they are fun as hell, but they can make you feel like shiiiiiiiit as soon as you stop taking them. thats how addiction works.

  13. Ritalin is speed.
    adderall is speed
    dexedrine is speed
    desoxyn is speed

    There ALL speed. Ritalin is Methyphenilate, dexedrine and addy are dextroamphetamine, desoxyn is Methamphetamine.

    Then theres a couple others like levo amphetamine and so on.

    It's ALL speed. Amphetamine is speed. Only speed that's not pill form is Crystal Methamphetamine.
  14. Screw Adderall.... I tried it 2 or 3 times and didn't like it. If I was in a condition where I couldn't sufficiently concentrate to study for school, I'd probably just drop out instead of becoming addicted to speed. I know plenty of kids around campus who take it illegally all the time though... any time they have a major test or paper, and when finals come around they pop em like candy. I just don't get it.... people are becoming more and more dependent on substances to function normally. It's not like that much of the student population actually has attention deficit disorder or anything similar, they just take Adderall because it's convenient and the thing to do. Anyone who wants to should be able to concentrate just as well with willpower and a quiet environment. In fact, I don't even consider ADD to be a legitimate condition. I realize people can't concentrate, but that's just a normal variant of human behavior. Maybe Adderall can help a small percentage (I'm talking 1% at the most) of the population, but it shouldn't be in every college dorm in America.

  15. Add is a scam, it's not real.

    1% ? Adderall can make you blow through every thing yuo need to do. Ive stayed awake 7+ days straight on Amphetamines becoming fully awake with every bump I snorted.

    You work way better with it.
  16. what about people like me who get a prescription for ADHD? I've had a prescription for it since I was 8 years old.
  17. ....and you honestly think that's a good thing? No thanks, I'll just stick to the old fashioned way. I'm in college and I have a 3.6 GPA.... and I've never once used Adderall to study or do school work.
  18. me too, I had the same GPA as well. Even though I had a Rx to adderall I never used it in college. Law school however has been a different story. :D
  19. im aware of this, i said it b/c most people have this mindset that its just a med for ADHD and nothing else.
  20. I'm living proof that ADD and ADHD are not legitimate conditions and Adderall is rarely necessary to do well in school.

    When I was in elementary school, 2 of my teachers met with my mom to tell her I wasn't paying attention in class and that I should get checked for ADD. They said it was greatly affecting my performance in school because they could rarely get me to focus. I wasn't failing or anything, but I never followed directions, never paid attention to details, and left a lot of my work unfinished. The only way I got by was because I was pretty smart for my age and my parents would force me to do all of my homework and then check it.

    So eventually my mom took their advice and took me to a doctor. I don't really remember what went on but my mom told me years later that the doctor said I probably did have ADD and he strongly recommending putting me on Adderall to see if it would help. My mom thought about it for a while, but eventually decided not to.

    Guess what? I turned out fine. Like i said before, I'm a junior in college with a 3.6 GPA. I will admit that I still have difficulty concentrating a lot of the time, but I have learned to control it. With a strong enough will, I can get any work done, and therefore I don't let it negatively affect me. It's all about self discipline and getting rid of distractions. Friends have even told me from time to time that I have ADD, but I don't really care. I'm happy, my life is fine, and I see no need to take a stimulating drug every time I want to get something done. I'm thankful for my mom's good judgment way back then.

    Maybe there are some extreme cases where Adderall or Ritalin would be helpful, but that's pretty rare. The prevalence of these drugs in American colleges and society in general is absolutely ridiculous. Pharmaceutical companies and doctors want to make money, people are becoming lazier and conditioned by the overstimulating nature of pop culture, and therefore these "psychological conditions" get invented for everyone to buy into.

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