Who On Here Is Female?

Discussion in 'General' started by RazorRy, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. who the heck on here is female........i jus found out rmjl was a girl which i had no idea........who else????
  2. oooh it's a scandal in the city... WE HAVE GIRLS HERE?!?! What about cooties.... *in best slightly sarcastic voice*

    Just start guessing, RazorRy!!!!

    There are many of us lurking around...;)

    Poppa has cooties, Switch, but I don't know about anyone else.
  4. lemme think....well...im gonna go out on a limb and say 420girlie is female...same with canadianchick.....namron420 is slightly female...throw some name sout people and ill guess
  5. yeah i tougnt namron was a girl at first.........but now ive changed my opinion to yours nubbin......slightly feminine :D
  6. I am women hear me roar!!
  7. As far as I know...........I'm a female!!!

  8. How ever did you guess?

    you must be fucking psychic, or psyco............hhhmmmmm
  9. I used to tell my friend sthat my docto did tests on me and told me I was a quarter psychic....I really thought I was..I always knew what tv shows were on next (i was young..gimme abreak)...
  10. oohhh nubbin the amazing human tv guide. Your parents must have been proud to have a miracle child such as yourself ;)
  11. yes they were!...they'd always invite me to watch tv with them!..and before we had remote controls, they even let me sit next to the tv and change the channels for them!....

  13. I am female, last time I knew. Guess the first clue for me was I lack the ability to pee standing. ;)
  14. yep omg i just checked and im like female, but did u know if u try really hard u can actually pee standing...i wouldnt recopmmend it tho
  15. i've always wanted to pee standing up. but that's it. boys smell funny. :)
  16. i'm a girl, LOL RMJL a boy?!
  17. yeah, i pop squats. lol, me and my gf ;)
  18. ladies ladies ladies...of COURSE you can pee standing up, as for your ability to aim well...well thats another subject
  19. boys do smell funny

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