Who on Grass, is higher than a polar Bear

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. your obviously a beginging smoker.
  2. Sadly, pie wasn't existant in the place I beleived it to be, resulint in a downgrade in diet, causing me to eat a bagel insted.

    But mark my work, the bagel is still a tastey surprise, much better that the less Acute Spiders I've been indulging myself in lately.

    Mark my words G.
  3. I've been smoking like 2-4 times daily since October, I just happened to be RIpped.


  4. your obviously getting -repped for missing the point of this thread.
  5. the point, umm ya some1 got really high and decided to sound really really gay.
  6. Ouch, is like a terodactal (which apparantly never existed) deficated a sea of negative thoughts towards the one with the negative Unvirtous attitude.

    He shall fall, remarkably slow and evaporate from the levels of importance he once strived to hold.

    Unsucessfully of course.

    It's as if it weren't the tide that effected this subjects behavior, but more possibly the heat and the idea that somewhere out there there is someone who really dislikes him.

    Does that scare him, well I'm in no position to make that decision but I can safely assume the answer is 'yes'.

    A part of me feels guilty, but my stronger side fights this emotion, as deep down inside I know there is no reason for guilt.

    This person has failed, unknowingly of coarse, loseing the small amount that he once had, and returning to the nothing that is humanity.

  7. Are you afraid of sounding gay?

    The reason you think he sounds gay is probably because you're not intelligent enough to figure out what hes talking about, yes its abstract, but theres meaning.

    Oh and in case you didnt understand Tyrone's response to you above this post... well... he pownd you.
  8. Correct, naturally a change in perception would result in a change of thought, greatly effecting the mannor of which the words are typed, and the ideas communicated.
  9. Mistakes are acceptable as we all make decisions that may not create the effects we intend them to.

    What is most important is that you realize throwing random threats or insults at people isn't exactly the way to get respect.

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