Who on Grass, is higher than a polar Bear

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I know I am, higher than A Polar Bear

    Poler Bair, Polar Bear, quite a scare, Quitea scare.

    Polar bear Quite a scare.

    I can get half quarters for $20 now.

    Amazing weed.

    Amazing weed.

    Like it's awsome.


    I can't tell you how fuckin amazing this is.

    I spend $20 get manged for days.



    Fuckin amazing.

    Who else is high?

  2. Whoever smokes a bowl at the north pole.
  3. Has anyone seem that movie?

    With the Hamberger.

    Well really it was a Terodactal (which apparently doesn't exist).

    Tasted like Hamberger.

    If barbecued in the correct mannor.

    But thats beond the point, as that part of the movie was more disturbing than humourous.

    To the point of general humor extraction, the point where the beatle enters the Cave in which it may find shelter for days, living of the dew created on the high stones in the cool morning.

    It's that; which is more than a Lie, but a promise to Mankind that there is more to life than we can ever see at a given time.

    But beond the point, we will have no prove, nor will we have proof in this lifetime of that supposed guarantee.

    Even some of the most faithful, there is always that slight doubt that all they strive for is false, and there is in fact nothing to be waiting for, after our bodies stop functioning.

    But I'd like to congradulate all that remark on the Terriffic Mannors of those in the studio today, they don't know, that they don't know, what the truth is, and the truth is that there is no truth which in a sense is an infinate loop which is as infathomnable to our minds as the infinity that is space.

    ANd that is all that needs to be said at this time, a continued action may be required, but it will probably be slightly delayed, as this has been.

    My appologies for that mistake.
  4. Are you on crack?
  5. i also wonder this lol
    but seriously what are u talkin about
  6. I don't like your attitude.

    It's dismissing the possibility that I too may be embarking on the Physical Journy through space that is Time itelf.

    Don't we realise that everything is simply one thing, we are all simply one thing, and that's what important to the world and the universe, and the universes beond that universe.

    It's remarkable, how the gravity fromt he moon can pull the water in an ocean away from it's regular shoreline.

    It's just amazing, that power.

    But whats even more amazing is your rude attitude, dismissing what is real and what is apparently much less real.

    I'm sorry to hear that misinterpratation of communication has happened once again in this situation, as it has so often in the past.

    But it's a lot less remarkable then you would think, thats nothing to strive fore.
  7. Ok forget the crack, shrooms, lsd?
    Air duster?

    lol :p
  8. Again! With the crazy statements from beond the stars!

    It's like I'm drowning in a sea of accusations, far to deep for me to possible wade to safety!

    How can I be expected to be taken seriously when such rude statements such as the one that you have made are stated.

    It is simply unjust and unfair that you would take such unjust regard towards my beliefs and idea's, and it's very hurtful to who I am as a person.

    You have damaged me sir, possibly beond repair.

    I must go now, a dinner is being served, time for my meal.
  9. my good sir/madam what are you talking about

  10. I'm thinking the same thing.

    Shaking My Head, I despise people who brag how they are so high - especially online. That's a major buzz kill. Instead of coming online telling us how high you are, go phone up a friend and talk to him about how you're "higher than a Poler Bair".

  11. Hahaha youve got me all wrong kind sir. I intend no harm by my statements, its only your words pull together from all inspirations at once, which leads me to humorously beleive a drug has opened up your mind to its fullest possibilities of imagination!
  12. Don't stare at me with such a tone.

    I explained myself much earler, if you could read better we would not have to discuss these horrible matters.

    I am embarassed that I have to defend myself in such a way, but when accused I suppose it must be done.

    This thread is braging about the lower prices of cannabis, and how I got some amazing weed, a half quarter for $20.

    I'm not on crack geeze, I'm just stoned, Jones.

    So relax, smoke da smoke, toke a toke, James.

  13. You're a fucking weirdo.

  14. Boo! Get off the stage!
  15. I'd like to comment on the semi-imbiguous persona that has now enveloped me on this particular forum.

    It is probably a result of my intoxication, which - of coarse - is quite apparent to all who read this text.

    But green is the colour of Partic.

    The Partic is more than just an onion, strong like Treandal.

    Strong like a Train.

    This fight, will not be in vein.

    I like this particular mode of action, it's strange, but of course thats to be expected from a hybrid of multiple emotions.

    On Fights, and Adventures, Snakes will slide, they will go with the tide, history repeats, just as I had calculated many times in the past.
  16. I hope you'll know i do find this post interesting, and will participate with my train of thoughts.

    Not really a train tho, maybe a wandering snake poking around looking at ideas, taking some along to associate with others.

    Like my mind is a garden with thoughts as different species of plants, and im concocting an idea potion, which I spill all over this keyboard in hopes of putting my thoughts in perspective and maybe learn something from them.
  17. Those are some scary idea's, clearly truthful but simultaniously afar from what is set as truth in this society and the boundries on reality set by your perception.

    We all are bound, but what we can perceive and what we cannot. Freedom is only relative, and compared to some we are simply trapped, and we are nothing.

    It's all an exaduration really, as 'nothing' is a broad term and could be interprated as many things, which adds an eary mystery to the already subsecquential Bionic Core of existance.

  18. Yes i've often thought intensely of this idea. That our world which we exist in is nothing more that an artificial feed to our senses, sort of like the concept of the matrix movie. Im obviously not talking about some explosive hollywood movie though, its that idea that what if our whole life was a giant dream, not more than an artificial bio-electric in-depth story telling.
    There is no denying this as a possibility because what have we to trust? Our own senses and conciousness, but thats exactly what we're questioning the validity of.
  19. True.

    True indeed.

    Could be possible, an interesting yet horrifying idea.

    It is often asked to me why I don't indulge myself in the splenders of food.

    I have been lead to beleive there is a pie waiting for me in the upper level of my house, the task at hand of coarse is getting to this pie and cutting a slice good enough to meet my needs.

    This will be done shortly, and the risk of departure from this country will be well worth the splenders that await me.
  20. Here is some motivation:


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