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Who offers Snowcap seeds?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by PrplHz, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I am looking for a seed bank that carries Snowcap and ships to the US. I am also interested to know who originated this strain? I hear only amazing smoke reports from folks I trust very well.
  2. BUMP! Hey for real I am not being lazy, I have looked all I find is DNA Snowcap x Romulan. I am sure that it is good, but I want to know where I can get Snowcap. Ya so just drop a line...
  3. I feel you man.... Snowcap is fucking amazing... The only time I have stumbled upon this strain was at Rothbury Fest 08. Yum..:yummy:.

    As far as I know tho... 'Snowcap' is clone only, and the only form of seeds available (atleast retail) is the Reserva Privada Snowcap X Romulan. (Cant go wrong, these are my 2 favs lol):laughing:
  4. I hear you there, that is all I can find also. You know I have never tried Snowcap. My girlfriend had some once and camehome telling me that 1 hit not even a green hit did her good. My friend got some 2 days ago he said it was better then the Whit Russian that he had in Amsterdam. Me I can not seem to get a chance to try it, and seeds don't seem to exist. Ya I found some clones in Cali, but I am not in Cali. I will keep looking into it and post my findings here. Thanks for the info Moe
  5. No seeds for snowcap yet. unless you have access to a med club where you can find the clones your odds of gettin this strain is unlikely. It is widely grown through the west coast but you would have to be connected with the local growers to find it. That Reserva Privada cross is probably your best bet. Problem with the "clone only" strains coming out of california is that they never seem to make their way to amsterdam(well rarely). So unless one of the few seeds breeders in Cali starts messin around with it(like the DNA boys) never gonna see it.
  6. DAmn!! I have GOT to make some 420 friends in Cali!!!
  7. Ya this is what I expected to find out. Maybe I will just go with that cross from DNA. They are quality, I am currently growing DNA LA Woman, it is the grow in my sig.

    Has anyone smoked that DNA cross?
    What did you think?
    Had you ever had Snowcap?
  8. There are a few journals out there from other sites where this plant is flowering. Usually looks pretty good and some nice lookin nugs for sure. if you google "reserva privada snowcap romulan smoke grow" youll find what im talking about. Its some gorgeous looking buds though, youve got me considering this now for my next grow.
  9. It is even hard to find seeds for the DNA Snowcap x Romulan. Attitude is out of stock on them and so is DNA themselves. This must be some real fire.
  10. Not so much that its fire as much as there available. People in states where its not legal hear these names all the time romulan, og kush, snowcap etc and as clone only they can never try it. When any form of seeds become available they sell out quick just cause people wanna try it. Seedbay, Breedbay are good places to look for exotic genetics. usually these seeds come from smaller scale breeders but still pretty quality. Other than that move to Cali bro like the rest of us lol.
  11. Did Cali before, like the CO better.
  12. Really? Whats the scene like out there in CO? Hows the growing? Cali is cool just cause in some places you can get away with having lots of plants. However the proliferation of totally dank bud has created a pretty snob scene in my opinion. id like to get back to somewhere where are people are chill and growing for fun and its less about the business.
  13. I just like CO better. They are going wild In CO about all this MMJ business right now. Cali is still talking about taxing MMJ CO is already collecting the taxes. None the less, Cali has been having despensaries and CO is just now getting started with them this year. Now they have 400 people a day applying for the MMJ program. In 2008 you would have found that chill spot you are looking for, but right now they are too excited about MMJ and the potential to make crazy money.:smoking:
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