Who Needs Beats Or Wants To Make Some Music?

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  1. I got a few beats completed and many in the works. I've been looking to get some beat sales/promotion so if anyone needs to buy beats or wants to use a beat on a mixtape just let me know. All beats are $10. I make many different types of beats so i am open to producing other type beats. If you are interested or want to contact me, you can either drop a comment here or hit me up on youtube or twitter.
    Twitter: @lockoutbeats
  2. Hey, Just curious what do you  make your beats with? I've been trying to find something I'm comfortable with but I just can't do it. I have a thing for music and am always playing (pencils etc) or in my mind these awesome beats I'd actually like to MAKE! Can you push me in any direction? 
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    Ableton Live. Midi Keyboard. Additionally maybe a drum pad controller (Native Instruments Maschine/AKAI MPD) Decent plugin instruments (Komplete 8 Ultimate for example). Decent headphones/speakers (monitors, prefferably.) 

    Look up tutorials (youtube is your friend in this case - dubspot are very good), learn your program (I reccomend Ableton) and basic music theory. Analyse what you hear in existing beats. Try to name each part and have an understand of the fundamentals. 
    Technically with the knowledge and the will all you need is a computer, some software and some headphones. What I have listed above is what I am currently using (minus the drum controller) and I am beginning to get decent results.

    Lurk around music production forums (futureproducers/idmforums)

    Also - inspiration and creative drive are a must. Good luck.  
    Thanks for the reply man! I have Beats so I guess that's not too bad of a starter headphone lol. Bro just got a real nice keyboard recently, could use that too :p. I'll definitely check out Abelton! I was playing around with fruity loops but didn't like it and didn't really get into learning details with that program. I'm Apple based though... I'll check them out or i'll have to get something Windows based. You're right Youtube is a great place for learning :).
  5. Beats are allright but not a very accurate representation of what's actually going on (they  amplify the bass n shit) - but yeah, good for beginning, when you have the basics down you can worry about the mix etc.  

    I do reccomend switching to ableton before you get attached to fruity loops just as that seems to be where a lot of the attention is going now. 

    Ableton is really fast, easy and efficient for most things imo. 
  6. I use fl studio. And im pretty new at making beats im just tryna get some verses to add to start getting some promo.
  7. I'll try n get on one of these beats.
  8. the melody is nice just need some harder drums , what daw do you use? if you use fl studio then i can deff help you with your production i been producing for 6 years an i just recently got a major industry placement
  9. Gotta have something that makes ya stand out from the pack if you want people to pay you for beats! 
    No hate intended but I'm just not hearin anything i haven't heard before here, none of the beats rly made me go "oooh!" or "oh!"; i'd say spend more time practicing if you wanna make money doing this

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