Who needs Advantage II? Protect your kitties!

Discussion in 'General' started by blackey, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Recently I stumbled upon a boat load of Advantage II. While doing my rounds on garbage day I noticed that there were a couple boxes thrown into the back of the dump truck that were still taped shut, Curious I go up to the garbage men and ask them if I can take these boxes from them. They gave them to me and I immediately open them and theres about 999 dollars worth of Advantage flea and tick prevention for small cats, and large cats.

    So I've noticed from seeing pics on here some of you have a feline friend yes yes? I'm trying to sell these for $25 bucks a piece so I can buy a new bong lol. They originally sell for $50 in store thats not including TAX. So, if anybody needs any just reply here or PM me and I'll ship em over! The more you buy the more you can just turn around and sell on ebay I guess, I cant understand ebay lol and I dont really have patience for it so..25 bucks per 4 count xD

    Any left over cash im gonna donate to the best marijuana forum ever *cough* grasscity *cough*

    I guess the store workers messed up big time xD I nearly skipped all the way home :D
  2. There's probably a reason they were in the trash.

    Besides, who the hell wants to protect those devil cats.:cool:
  3. This is probably the best place I can think of to advertise flea control.
  4. Meh, I dont think so, I think it was just an error on the employees part, since it was still all taped up, maybe somebody put it back there to steal it later lol. I looked it up there are websites that you can search lot numbers and such and see if they have been recalled or were marked defective/dangerous, so far ive not found this to be true.

    I was hoping somebody would put up a pic of bubbles :D :D :D
    And yes, this was the first place i thought id try to move a little product xD
  5. This ain't tickpreventcity, GTFO!
  6. Eh mannn that's whack mad crayy shit mang
  7. What, aint nobody got no kitties?
    I mean...you can use it on yourself just as easily, you never know what kinda ticks your gonna run into out in them woods!
  8. 1. Figure out ebay
    2. Post your tick shit
    3. ??????
    4. Profit?
  9. Cats are fuckin' evil, man...Don't know why anyone in their right mind would even get one, little evil fuckers.:cool:
  10. 1. Ive tried ebay
    2. Bids reached $30+
    3. Nobody sent payment in over a week
    4 No profit

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