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Who manufactures the Highest Quality Water Pipe (Bong)?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Between ROOR and EHLE, they kinda have this bong making thing down to a science. Who is your favorite bong manufacturer and why?

    For me its a tie between ROOR and EHLE for now.

    I would also say Jerome Baker Designs, but I think they got busted and are out of business.
  2. No one likes bongs huh?
  3. Roors/Lux for sure. EHLE arent all that great IMO
  4. I manufacture the highest quality bongs, different concept everytime and they always work wonderfully, plus its a fun project and very gratifying using something you made yourself.
  5. lmfao ROOR is shit compared to a nice hurricane sans it's odd wind tunnel bowl design

    punt a roor across the room 'n watch that fucker shatter punt the cane and watch it bounce around like a god damn football 'n stop without a single chip
  6. That actually sounds like a very entertaining test.
  7. I've actually seen someone drop a ROOR about 4 feet from the ground on a concrete driveway... and it didn't break. It made a ridiculously loud dinging noise, sounded like a bell tower ringing or something. I think it had a small scratch, but that was it.
  8. are u retarded? seriously u choose a hurricane over a RooR? u cant beat the superior design and the smooth hits that roors produce man....hurricanes are fun to smoke and shit but they are NOT anywhere near close to the worksmanship of a RooR
  9. RooR and Illadelph.
  10. I like waterpipes that don't cost as much as a zip of headies lol.

    I got one of those Molino double-percs and it works great and cost me under $100. I've tried Roors and canes and they're amazing but way too diesel of a price tag for me.
  11. I agree.
  12. RooR no doubt.
  13. Another good high quality TOBACCO WATER PIPE (rofl) is a brand called "HVY" and another "JBD" (Jerome Baker) .. google it up.
  14. i know a lil bit about tubes:D
    the best tubes out are ROOR- they can guarantee quality.
    EHLE custom tubes are nice (like the ones from
    Lux are good for manufactured percs
    and TOROs are the best for customs
    it can't hurt to have a little variety tho ;)
    illadelphs are overrated from my personal experience. after all i have owned almost all brand tubes. ROORs are the shit although they are worth extra $. If you dont mind waiting for a custom TORO- that is the way to go

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  15. hurricans are decent buy you can get a bushmaster knock off for 60$ and it hits the same

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  16. RooR/Lux, hands down. Toro is up there IMO aswell. Ehle is nice too. In that order.

  17. that illadelp is pretty nice. im not a fan of their a/c design but it does function well.perc looks good to but in MY OPINION illadelps are what they cost-strictly My opinion
    your roor is pretty nice, i had that tube too but 3.2mm glass are strictly for beginers or for someone who just wants to say I OWN A ROOR ;)
    that was my first gong tube:p

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  18. Roor/Lux/Toro

    All equal.
  19. The ones from your local headshops! Support your local headshop, they are losing customers to the internet daily.

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