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who loves street sweepers?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Red's Dreads, May 16, 2006.

  1. I DO!! haha

    their brussles... spelling? anyway, bristles... whatever. they're the most amazing scraping tools ever!!! they're long, thin, mallable (bendy), and flat so you get the goods :)

    last night we were walking to the 7, and there appears a street sweeper!! so we tailed him around the parking lot, but he didn't drop any... but then he parked!!! i came up and asked him if i could score a few, and he was totally cool w/ it! he even busted out the wire clippers and gave us 4!!! haha, ahh whadda night... anyway, im curious if any of ya'all love these as much as i do??
  2. im confused
  3. me to.

    the street sweeper guy gave you someof the bristles from the street cleaning machine?

    for what?
  4. I'd say he probably cleans his pieces with them.
  5. how do u clean your peices with a sawed off shotgun?
  6. I'm VERY confused with whatever the hell your talking about.
  7. ye!!! papoose = best mc alive
  8. papoose is sick.
  9. Oh yeah... I wasn't thinking of it that way. But they're just cool. Once I was all faded as shit sitting on a curb in a parking lot and it just comes out of nowhere. That guy must of been soem kind ofpot head because he went over every spot on that parking lot for atleast 3 hours straight... keep in mind this wasn't some huge parking lot. Maybe the size for like... 50 or so cars, max.
  10. ya know what else are cool? Zambonies!! The ice-rink things. It's like a street sweeper for the ice....i was just playing the NES a few days ago, ice hockey ironically, and i forgot that between the 2nd and 3rd periods the zambonies come out and do a little musical number. I was stoned and it made my day like nothing else :smoke:
  11. my street sweeper go blap blap blap
  12. wow dude, for you birthday im gonna get like a brush with lots of bristles and give it to you, and than you will make me your king, fuckin stoner lol
  13. for the last time....

    hot tap water piece rubberband coffe filter...

    run it through till all the resin melts collects and washes of water soluble nasty crap

    roll it around till it all balls up with a toothpick/ect let it dry by mooshing and rerolling to get the water to the surface and smoke up
  14. ... whats a papoose?
  15. wow I am lost maybe I'm justtoo high
  16. i hope you use to scrape your bowl becouse what else would you use it for?

  17. i hope you use to scrape your bowl becouse what else would you use it for?
  18. ... i really dont get how ya'all dont get this... but just think of this when your using a crappy paper clip to scrape your piece, and that tiny lil point that scrapes lil lines in your resign...

    where'as the flat scraper is amazing! its long enough to reach, and bendable to the shape of your pipe... but anyway, .... i wanna post a pic, for you 'confused' people...

    bbb 003.jpg
  19. Hello all, this is Reds friend. I was reading your responses and god dam all of you need to stop smoking for like a day. He is talking about the wire bristles that are attached to the street sweeper. The operator cut off 4 bristles to give to Red to scrape his pipe. Anyway that is what he talking about and they do work fucking great. Later...

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