Who Loves Orange Soda?

Discussion in 'General' started by Knox, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I do I do I do-ooo!

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    I just ripped some bong bowls and while enjoying a wonderful orange soda, I got to thinking. What is my favorite beverage to drink high? We have done countless favorite munchies threads, but I searched and couldn't find one solely devoted to drinks. Personally I would have to go with Vitamin Water, especially the red Power-C one, although this orange soda is pretty tasty :D

    What is your favorite beverage while stoned?
  2. kel loves orange soda, or was it kenan? ahah to old of a show to remember. haha but yea i love vitamin water, the orange-orange kind is my fav, then comes fruit punch..

    oh and i just wanna kno if vitamin water gives ppl the shits from time to time. i had some while playing basket ball, went to the hospital to visit someone and almost shit my pants, lol i ended up goin in the back of a market basket

    ^wow random.
  3. KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA! Is it true? I do... i do i dooo ooo!

    lol good show back in the day

    I like orange and grape soda evenly
  4. Oh man that brings back some good memories! Good find on the Kenen and Kel show. Its pretty funyn kenen is now doing Saturday Night Live, and Kel just sorta fell off the earth.

    +Rep for making me want some orange soda! haha
  5. Orange sodaver some vanilla icecream, now that shit is good. It taste like orange creamsickle..... MMMMMMM. JOE>
  6. For me a sweet strawberry capri-sun really hits the spot. Just to throw it out there I think apples are my favorite munchie, so juicy:eek:. While we all love kenan and kell the ninja turtles are where it's at I don't care who you are you hafta at least respect them.:smoke: beatle borgs and power rangers(green only) were awesome as well.
  7. Damn Joe! That sounds sooo good. I'm gonna have to try that sometime soon :D
  8. hahaha omg how old is that fuckin show?? lol i use to watch it lol..but ya orange soda is the shit
  9. haha thats racist as fuck now that I look back on it

    Orange Fantas the shit
  10. Wow, that brings back memories
  11. my fav drink is orange soda aswell.. but i love AquaFina better...
  12. Whoooo...put the screeewwwww....in the tuna?!?!

  13. lmao why do I remember stupid shit like this? I'll straight forget my social security number but can remember obscure lines from an old ass show...props for the memories
  14. I actually had an orange crush yesterday after smoking.
  15. that mexican mandarin stuff is like orange crush done right
  16. best drink while high has got to be Nantucket Nectars Lemonade. I have searched far and wide for a better lemonade, and nothing even comes close. (i have literally been documenting different types of lemonade haha) But, if I can't get that, then it has got to be Arizona Green Tea. Regular, plum, or manderin :hello:
  17. oh my god...kenen and kel show...fuck was that messed up :) it was so cheesy, but i watched every episode :p
  18. Welches Grape.
  19. How is that racist at all?

    Also, the orange soda I was drinking while making the thread was a Fanta :D

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