Who listens to underground(unsigned with a major label) artists?

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  1. I believe that underground music is music in its PUREST form. Reason being is the motivation for making the music. When music is motivated by dollars and cents, it tends to lack originality. But when you are making music, because you LOVE making music, thats where all the original masterpieces are made. It seems that the radio is flooded with this bullshit, especially when it comes to HIP HOP. So many fake ass MCs on the mic nowadays, they should all be put on a boat and sent to the Bermuda Triangle, via GPS.

    Feel free to express your opinions on this.
  2. Right here.... Some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. I am not much into indie rock but indie rap is definately alright with me.
  3. Who do you like personally, in the underground rap game?

    For me its several

    Deep Puddle Dynamics
    Souls of Mischief
    Swollen Members
    Living Legends
    MF Doom
    The Grouch
    DJ Danger Mouse
    Mystic Journeymen
    Aesop Rock
    Company Flow
    Del The Funky Homosapien
    Kool Keith
    Dr. Octagon
    Dr. Dooom
  4. I enjoy Underground rap. I listen to a lot of the artists you posted. Even though they are not really underground, just old school, Wu Tang got the crazy lyricism that will live on forever.
  5. I got into this group Apollo Sunshine after a friend recommended them to me, his band opened up for them at a show one time and he told me they were "my type of music". Normally anytime someone says that to me, I just roll my eyes because they're never right. But I checked out some of their shows on archive.org in the audio section and they're damn good.

    If you're interested, listen to "Today Is The Day"

  6. Yes but there are exceptions to the rule and Wu-Tang is definately one of them.

    RIP - Ol' Dirty Bastard
  7. I used to get this mag, I think its called elemental, that focused on underground hip hop. I love old school Bay Area like 115, Under Da Influence(UDI), RBL Posse, 211, Dre Dog, San Quinn, Celly Cell, The Click, Dru Down, Brotha Lynch and much more. Living Legends is probably my favorite right now and the whole Hiero crew are legends themselves.

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