Who listens to police scanners?

Discussion in 'General' started by Santeria420, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. I appolagize if this is a repeat of another thread but I searched and couldn't find any.

    Sometimes when I'm stoned or just bored, I listen to the police scanner on my phone.

    Anyone else find this amusing?

    I'm listening to Chicago right now, gang disturbance :eek:
  2. I use to be in the fire department, and worked for the city's dispatch center. So scanners just remind me of weed-free work...:( :( :(
  3. Hahaha that's understandable. But you gotta admit its pretty damn amusing at times.
  4. if you listen to the chicago police scanner your gonna hear gang calls/shots fired all day long, seriously there wont be a minute without something goin down over here. its like a concrete jungle out here, just got "animals" runnin wild toting guns
  5. Yes it is. Listen to that thing on "trick or treat" night. You won't believe how many old lady's call the police cause they got mooned by little kids.
  6. Oh man I know, LAPD and NYPD isn't any better.

    Lmao indecent exposure is always a win win
  7. I love listening to Houston police and fire. Occasionally I'll listen to Chicago Pd or nypd
  8. does anyone know if the scanner app. they have on the droid is acutally live feed or real at all? we try to listen to some shit in our town to listen for names or roads or anything that we could lead it to our town, still no luck.. we also listed to the lapd one.. haha that shit was busy.. but anyone know if the that app is real or fake? me and my firends have been arguing over this for awhile

  9. That's exactly what I'm using. There are different scanner apps but I never had any luck with them. The one I'm using is called Scanner Radio, yes it is real, and it is live feed but im positive theres probably like a 1 minute delay, which is understandable

    Forgot to mention I'm using the free version which works just as well, all the paid version does is make the widget for it workable
  10. yeah i think thats the one they got.. i know its free. ill bring this up tonight

    also- to prove it works.. your mission is to go to one of the towns listed and

    1. you strip through streets naked
    2. i listen
    3. .........
    4. profit
  11. Just don't let a cop see you with one, at least in my state

    One of my friends got arrested for listening to one
  12. I have a police scanner :D I might hook it up now :smoke:
  13. im constantly on scannerfeeds.com and radioreference.com. i listen to maricopa county sheriff and phoenix east valley. right now they are looking for some dude involved in an assault they cant figure out if the dude is black or native american.

    and then they think there may be something going down in a gas station cuz its supposed to be a 24 hour place and yet its closed and they dont see anyone there.

    and then a few traffic stops here and there. some with bad registration.

    its cool tho that some of these freqs will give you a list of their tag codes so you know what they are talking about.
  14. Along time ago somebody posted a link to one, and since I got a new computer I forgot the link. Anybody know of a popo scanner website?

  15. look at the ones i just put up there.

    heres a new development. some dude is threatening to stab his girlfriend and she locked herself in a bed room. before the transmission there was 6 loud beeps. indicates an emergency.

    its fun stuff, you just gotta sit and wait sometimes.
  16. I have an app for this haha. Nobody has mentioned Atlanta? Shits always going on there!
  17. my dad used to in like the 90s to know when to disapear. but yeah i will if im bored.
  18. Live Police Scanners Online

    this is a good one It has TONS of info
  19. reviving this thread cuz sometimes when im bored after midnight ill get ripped, throw on my headphones, go on grasscity and listen. right now im listening to New Haven, CT where I live and a guy just had someone shoot into his car.

    New Haven Police Live Scanner Audio Feed

    you have any favorite cities to listen to?
  20. Listening to Chicago now on my phone.

    It says 571 listeners.

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