Who Likes Trucks w some HP

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  1. How we roll......
    Over 550 HP
    F250 Diesel SuperDuty
    new HID's

    and of course, alsways smoking bowls.
  2. Very nice, we usually burn in my friends Tahoe, all he has is a flowmaster exhaust and k&n air filter, but it's still pretty torque-y.
  3. its not like you use that horsepower often. i mean, that's what? 40-45mm rubber?

    >550hp would shred those tires in 5-10 seconds.
  4. yeah good point. badass truck but the hp doesn't do much with that tire set-up
  5. not tryin to hate, but ive never understood why someone would put rims and street tires on a diesel truck, or even any big truck for that matter.:confused_2:
  6. Heres my question.. why the hell is a first gen xbox in a new super duty... Really man dont you think you could have dropped a couple more bucks and got a 360... I love the truck though man although the whole Too much bone not enough meat. (rims) you be a real man and get some Nittos and rockstars on that thing. Rubberbands on trucks look stupid. Specially lifted.
  7. Im looking at getting a dodge cummins turbo diesel 2500 megacab.

    I love big trucks and lots of horsepower, I am soon have a large settlement coming my way, which I plan on buying my dream dodge.
  8. i have a 2009 silverado. edge programer, dual exhaust, enclosed cold air intake, with throttle body spacer. put some wings on my truck and call me a plane.
  9. The xbox and the wheel setup both throw this waaaaaaay off for me. Either go with some decent sized wheels with skinny tires so you can actually fill up the wheel well or get bigger tires. Those small ass rims need some help.
  10. nor cal breh, wat we gonna do.
  11. not from nor cal, truck hails from the AK, and sorry the 26's are too small
  12. i drive a tacoma, but its more of an offroad thing, 236hp
  13. my bad just noticed u from CO.
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    btw, this is my roomates truck, he wanted me to throw it up here when he saw this section, I'm not the truck head, he is, i'm the glasshead lol....and we're both potheads. So technical I don't even know too much about, all i know is this baby is fucking quick, 4wheel drive 0-60's gave a kid a cut on his arm from a tissue box sitting on the dashboard with him in the back, threw that thing, or should i say left it standing still. I've only gone about 140 in it with him so far, but I dunno, I love this truck...

    we're fucking rolling around in that...we're fucking 19 years old...I can't complain
  15. and the reason for the street tires is cause thats where it gets driven in CO, in boulder....In AK those are not the rims that stay on, they only go on for the summers up there.

    and that xbox doesn't even work anymore, the only tv right now is the screen you can see, so it never got played, we just got a n64 in there instead now for blunt/smash bros seshes!!
  16. Uh, not to hate either, but you're certainly not alone. I'll never understand owning a truck that you NEVER plan on taking off road, much less putting street tires on the thing.

    Oh well, to each his own. Nice ride, overall. Just needs some beef on the corners to match.
  17. cause the purpose of the truck is to haul snow machines and dirtbikes
  18. so i'm guessing your snowmobile and dirt bike trails are in some park in a city...?
  19. if you wanna consider fairbanks, ak a city

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