who likes to be normal anyway?

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. if you are stoned and are 3/4 blind and have mental illness from a head injury , this could happen to you ! a small idea becomes bigger as you are rolling, next thing you know!, bang you ve bruned your grow room for a buzz!lol good luck tazz11 i am getting stoned tonight how about ya'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11's to ya !i think its my eye sight dude the smallist is a fatty!could be the brain to night i am not sure ,what do you think !lol

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  2. Hey Tazz I'm on my way to your house! LOL

    Looking good there buddy!
  3. ha dude the old womans comeing home and iam going to smoke that mama ! i am allready stoned but iam not normal dude lol want do some partying to night ! i got like 4 kinds of weed and 5-6 grams of hashish ,and a qt of 151 ,nothing special other than i am alive and know it ! what you doing and how the hell doen dude !lol
  4. trun the fucking music up! lol we are going to party tonight!
  5. Why do you say goodluck to yourself?
  6. i dont thats just how your reading it dude !lol are you stoned to dude !great !lol good luck tazz11
  7. its because i am not normal !lol.........
  8. me and good luck go to gather all the time dude its just the way i like it ! stoned and smileing!lol
  9. so what are you doing tonight dude ?i hope its something rewarding dude, i havent meet you yet or if i have i am to stoned to remember or its the weed dude ! are you a skate broader dude ?,you are aint you ! got 'a love them hills dude ! been their, loved it !
  10. Nobody deserves a good party more than you rainman!! :D

    Take a big Toke for me!!! :hello: :smoking:
  11. were at it again dude bog bubble and canadian hash ! cant help it dude ,its yummy ! lol , good luck tazz11
  12. a lil joint is lit up for myself, phishhead too tired to be bothered for a toke. went to phil lesh last night, excellent concert but was too stoned to stand for 6 hours, it was tough! :D

    glad to hear you're celebratin' being alive once again rainman, manytimes life itself is more than enough to keep ya celebratin'! :)

  13. i may never stop!lol

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