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Who likes to be high in their own ride

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by triplecde, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I smoke mostly when im in my car, how annoying is it when its raining and you want to wind the window down because you dont want the smell to stay in the car, I usually just put my jacket on the side or a towel, so that gets wet instead of the car. Anyone else like smoking in their car. I dont really love driving stoned but its okay.
  2. For a good year and a bit all i smoked in was a 1996 pontiac grand am. Ugly car. Awful dark green color. But it was like a little smoke house to me and it hotboxed so fuckin easy. Sadly, it was sold off eventually so now its all about smoking outside in the nature and shit
  3. Eh, I do love smoking while I'm driving, I like to see the high take affect. I don't really like to hotbox my car though, as I have relatives that come through randomly lol. Which sucks.

  4. not a bad car at all, with some nice alloys it would look fine.
  5. It wasnt the model it was the car. It didnt even run 9 times out of 10. I still really enjoyed it though no matter how pissed off i could get at it i still would go there over any other place to smoke weed

  6. eh now your starting to push it a bit, lol jkin cool
  7. Yeah I hotbox my piece of shit 94 saturn. I love the smell to sit in there well I just breathe in all the smoke
  8. I used to love hotboxing my car, and then go on the nicest drives on the highway. I hate driving around the streets because I get to sketched by cops lol.
  9. I love hotboxing my mini cooper and driving around in the country and shit whilst smoking :D
  10. I used to hot box my 96 Mazda 626. Car was old and worn in nicely and was so comfy to burn in. I could just burn and chill so hardcore and listen to some tunes and just look at the stars through my moonroof... Man I miss that car just thinking about it.

    To bad the transmission went bad on it.
  11. I like smoking in my car when I visit my parents since its medical & decriminalized where they live. I have a sweet 2004 Honda accord. Pretty comfy & I love my febreeze clip on thingy :)
  12. I love smoking in my car man. I swear there is no better feeling than chillin in my car hotboxing. Driving, parked, whatever it is badass...but unfortunately I can no longer do so.
  13. [quote name='"weeble0wobble"']I like smoking in my car when I visit my parents since its medical & decriminalized where they live. I have a sweet 2004 Honda accord. Pretty comfy & I love my febreeze clip on thingy :)[/quote]

    Hell yea !! Washington by chance ? Love this state!
  14. I haven't done it that much since I bought an 08Honda Civic sedan in September but in the warmer seasons it happens a lot more. the cops in my area are fucking assholes for the most part so you gotta granny it around town if your ride reaks lol
  15. I smoke in my 02 civic all the time. Especially since I got my subs.
  16. I love hot boxing my 96 Civic I could be driving, I could be parked I love smoking in my car. And my stereo has a blue light so it makes the smoke look super sweet
  17. I can't hotbox but i love to drive high when i'm in my hometown in Mexico, i don't care for it when i'm back in Texas for some reason.
    must be that the city i live in isn't as colorful or big as my hometown, plus the fucking traffic lights are a pain in the ass.
  18. Nah, Massachusetts
  19. Yessir love smoking out in the whip.
  20. dude smoking inside something beats outside in cold weather always, I fucking hate being on campus and having to walk off campus just to blaze when their is 3 feet of snow and you know campus security be roaming always. that being said nothing like blazing in my chevy blazer, thing has monster wheels can drive over anything and basically king of the jungle, gets me any where in the boonies

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