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  1. Mornin' everyone, wanted to share my fun night last night with everyone.

    To start we picked up three 18s of the new MGD Lager. It's SO smooth and delicious. Miller definitely took a step in the right direction with this baby.

    Anyway, at one point I pulled out my papers. I'd prolly had only like 5 beers by then, so I was starting to buzz but I wasn't faded. Anyway, I think my joints are decent. Either perfect cylinders or slightly conical, they don't go out, cherries don't fall, you know. They're not perfect joints, though. I can have trouble getting the ends as tight as I want them. So, my boy's friend from work was hanging out with us, and he was the only one there with any balls. He straight up told me that my joint sucked. I was pissed and offended at first, but then I realized I should stop being a sensitive bitch and suck it up; he was just saying what he thought.

    He schooled me on rolling a joint. Literally. He taught me how to roll a joint. I've been rolling joints for years, and he taught me how to roll a joint. I'm not afraid to admit it, this guy kicks my ass at rolling joints. A couple of significant differences between my methods and his:

    1---I slide the paper under the broken up weed, trying to get it all on.

    ----He holds the paper in his hand, using his fingers to curve it into a U, and he picks up the weed and drops it in. I never realized how much of a difference this makes but it does. You put a better amount of weed in, and the paper starts to take on the curve shape.

    ---In the paper, I distribute the weed as evenly as possible before rolling.

    ----He uses the 2-Titty method. I'd heard of this before but never seen it in action. It works. He has the weed more in 2 mounds instead of 1 evenly distributed mound spread over the paper. When you roll, the 2 mounds distribute themselves evenly throughout the joint. Just gotta have faith in the titties, man.

    Alright, so I got kinda side-tracked with the whole joint-rolling thing. Later in the night, probably about 11, somehow sherm comes up. We end up heading across town to pick up a bunch of sticks.

    Between 4 of us we smoked 8 sticks. That shit rocked the house. It was my first time with sherm, and I had a blast. It's a pretty weird hallucinogen. My mind worked the same, but coming from a different place. Colors were....weirdly sharper and more intense but at the same time less vibrant. I had some minor shroom/acid-style revelations, too. I realized how everything we experience is in some way related to our own body. Each cell in your body only "knows" itself. Anything else can only be expressed in terms of its relation to the original entity.

    For example, computers only "know" 0 and 1. But, anything can be expressed in terms of 1 and 0 somehow; even complex video games and algorithms 'n' shit.

    The same way, my body only "knows" itself. Anything else, it just relates to what it already knows. So, anything new I learn, I only learn in relation to myself.

    Dunno if I'm making any sense, sorry. By the end of the night we had about 15 beers left. We had 2 sticks of sherm left but we're saving them for someone who wasn't there; he's been wanting to try some lately so we're gonna help him out.

    Basically I wanted to just say that I had good beer, good bud, and a good trip last night. Party on GC!
  2. haha dude thats awesome that you can chill out on that stuff, whenever i smoke on the water it makes me jittery and i cant sit still. its still an awesome experience once in a while.

    EDIT: id rep ya but i aint got the ability right now.
  3. Fucking fantastic story man! Your's always are ^_^. +rep. (I really dig when people go into detail. I, myself, like to tell stories in great detail. LoL - allows the listeners/readers to get more of a sense of being there.)

    Edit: Not lettin' me rep you yet... "gotta spread more first"... so I owe you one as soon as I can rep you again. LoL
  4. If you mean "wet" by dipping your ganja in formaldihyde then you are a moron, otherwise I am the moron and have no idea what you are talking about.... :p
  5. No formaldehyde involved. The liquid PCP that the sticks were dipped in is a PCP/ether solution. The PCP is dissolved in ether. As long as you're not stupid enough to put a lighter too close to that shit then you're cool.
  6. Ahh, thnx for the info, and old stoner can learn something new everyday, I just know that alot of the kids in Texas when I was down there dipped thier cigs and J's in formaldahyde and called it getting wet. That I always thought was completely idiotic, however what youi describe actualy intrigues me greatly, have a good one :)
  7. Haha, wow, um, oops.

    Remember how I said that the last 2 sticks were for our friend (let's call him Bob)? Well, yesterday, Bob smoked 1 about 30 minutes before he had work. 15 minutes before he had work, we were in 7-11 getting drinks and food. While Bob was standing in line, he just started twitching and looking around hella funny. He was standing like an idiot and holding onto the counter for support, twitching like crazy. I was laughing my ass off, the guy behind him was just kinda staring, not sure what the fuck was wrong with him. But it's 7-11, I've seen people do weirder shit than that before at a 7-11.

    So we went out in the parking lot. Bob works within close walking distance from where we were, so we figured he would just chill with us for another 10 minutes and then go to work trippin. His job is easy so we didn't think he'd have a problem. On Friday night I was trippin balls from smoking more than he had smoked, and I was able to drive. I could have worked while tripping, and I'm an accountant.

    But boy were we wrong. This shit hit him hard. We were in the parking lot, about 15-20 minutes after he smoked his 1st stick. He stopped talking, he wouldn't respond to us. He was walking in circles, freaking out about something, stumbling and looking crazy. We told him he better just lean against a wall and chill or something, so he put both hands on the wall, with his feet like 4 feet out. He looked like he would if a cop told him to spread 'em, except his stance was awkward and unbalanced, and he kept twitching. He was grinding his teeth, just staring at the wall. After a minute of this we thought maybe he should have a seat. This was where things went bad.

    Whatever we wanted Bob to do, he would resist us. He started grabbing, then wrestling a little bit, and then he started swinging wildly. At a couple points he looked like he was gonna take off into the street. But we managed to get him under control. But by that point. we all noticed some guy in his car taking pictures and talking on his phone. We were worried he might be calling the cops because of how our friend was acting, so we made a decision. Right away we dragged/wrestled/walked/carried him to our nearby friend's house. It took some trouble to get there and one of us took a fist to the face, but it was nothing serious.

    So we managed to get him sitting down on the couch. He was supposed to start work at that instant. Um, no, haha, not happening. So we got in touch with his boss and told him some story about how he was in the hospital but he was fine, he was recovering and sleeping well. He totally bought it so we were all clear on the responsibility issue.

    We couldn't get him to say anything until like 2-2½ hours after he smoked it. He wasn't coherent for another 2-3 hours after that. He kept asking us every minute what we told his boss. We could tell he wasn't coherent so we just told him it was taken care of, he should just relax and have a good time.

    Finally he started to calm down and have a mellow trip, just like we had the night before. He even started to enjoy it. I still felt bad that he missed work, though, I was under the impression he would be cool to work so when he asked, I told him to go ahead and smoke a stick. As far as I knew, he would be able to work just fine. I was wrong, though, and I felt bad that he missed work because of my advice.

    Anyway, he decided to smoke his second stick at about 2 AM this morning. I talked to him about 2 PM. He didn't sleep all night, he had a bad trip again and just twitched in his room for a long ass time freaking out. It's 5 now and I just talked to him, he is still feeling it mildly and he's pretty sure that he's never gonna do PCP again. Guess it's not for everyone, eh?


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