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Who likes the great outdoors

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokingguns420, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. When I first started smoking weed I mainly hung out with friends to smoke. Didn't like being high by myself. Then one of my friends took me to a hiking trail near our small town. MAN did that rule. Ever since this moment I loved to go hiking and get high. Alone, with friends, strangers. Lol by strangers I mean people you meet out there. I went hiking with a friend we both got blazed started walking off trail and found this kick ass place that had a fire pit shelter and chairs out in the middle of nowhere. We left for a bit walked smoked some more came back two other guys had started a fire and where drinking. They asked if we smoked we said hell yeah he asked if everyone wanted to match a bowl we said hell yeah had 6 bowls between the 4 of us. He was extra generous with his KB. We all got high and he showed us other kick ass places to go. Anyone else have a story to tell I have plenty more (hundreds) if anyone wants me to tell them. If not I would like to read about your out door high tales. I'll sit near the campfire spark up a J and start reading :smoke:
  2. Ya, I love having a session in the best possible place I can find. I live in utah and we have great canyons and this past summer I discovered a new love for hiking and getting baked. Good times :)
  3. I love the fall (Ohio) it looks awesome. But the best time to toke is when I'm puffing a joint looking at my neighbors' xmas lights. But I need to move to Colorado, the mountains look amazing.
  4. I love finding fellow tokers when im toking out by a trail or park. Always makes great conversation

  5. I love hiking in the hocking hills region of Ohio. Its where I had my first smoking/ hiking session.

  6. There's nothing better than tokin up during a backcountry trip. The views are just incredible
  7. I live in the city and sometimes the woods freak me out (especially if it's anything but 100% light out). But I do have to say I've had some really cool times camping and blazing in the woods. It's great to wake up naturally in a tent, hit a bong filled with stream water (dangerous??), and cook some breakfast hot dogs, just so long as I'm out before 6pm ;)
  8. Love hiking! Hate finding other stoners near hiking areas as they always leave trash.

    Fuck you kids, haha.
  9. Hiking is awesome, I have some mountains veryyyy close to my house, always a nice place to go to chill with friends and blaze, blaze on your own, or just clear your head. :smoke:


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