who likes the av?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by namron_420s, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. who likes the av?..i need weed...im bored..so im gonna go mow...im so fucking bored im going to mow..wtf??!
  2. dude who DOESNT like the av
  3. The av's really cool, but could you give him like a big smile as if he's just hit the giggles?....that would be even better....Peace out......Sid
  4. i like it too!
  5. yeah he looks cracked out, hehe
  6. i was talkin about the gorilla flash..

    oh well

  7. dude you should make a gif that flashes between the gorilla and the cracked out smiley and make it your avatar..

    ..or maybe im just really high :smoke:
  8. oh man thats the coolest thing ive ever seen.

  9. glad to know i made SOMEBODY happy..lmao
  10. niceness, heh, damn, i feel ya on that, i need weed too, but hell, come thursday, imma be hooked up!
  11. well..see..the think with the joint/dreads/and purple stuff in the background is that digit did that for me
  12. oh yes, i would laugh in a rather hearty manner....also..i dont know if the format would let me, it might be too big..as far as file size.
  13. The gorilla rocks, Norm!
  14. dammit, im trippin from these pills im taking for my migraines, i took too many i think and i keep hearing and seeing things.I thought i replied to this post a minute ago, oh well, im f'cked up and its only 1:15 in the afternoon/
  15. Monkee!!!!!![​IMG]keeee!!!!!
  16. At least give the monkey some red eyes.
  17. hi i wanted to test my av and i thought this was as good a place as any

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