Who likes Stoli?

Discussion in 'General' started by DEFSTONES, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Fuckin love stoli vodka, way better than grey goose in my opinion - I'll mix vodka with anything but usually I love mixing it with red bulls...tastiest concoction ever in my opinion:cool:

  2. Skyy 90 thanks.
  3. Yeah, skyy is another good brand of vodka. I remember blacking out after drinking half a bottle of that shit, rofl.
  4. ugh...

    I can't stand vodka or any other hard alcohol for that matter.
  5. The russian vodka is hella harsh... They made it for the russian winters lol they'd drink it till they weren't cold anymore.

    Yo, be careful with those heart stoppers (vodka + redbull) My buddy new a kid back in Wisconsin that drank too much of that shit and that night his heart actually stopped and he died that night...

    Myself, I looove EnJ rum :D mm mmm tasty stuff.
  6. Goose FTW man, smooth like water.

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