who likes pineapples?

Discussion in 'General' started by igotammo, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. So i just cut up a pineapple and its taste so good fresh..anyone else like fresh pineapple? Alsoo does anyone know whats up with all the hard slices guess you gotta cut that part out randomly I get a rock hard one and it sucks
  2. I like it on pizza.
  3. I love pineapple, but it hurts my mouth. :(
  4. me too:)

    shits so fuckin delicious, i had no idea, i had to be high wen i tried it
  5. Pineapples good

    Pineapple juice amazing
  6. yumm

    with vodka :p
  7. oh yea..i dont like it on my ZA ..buffalo chicken wing with a lil bit of country sweet sauce best pizza ever
  8. I work at a pizza place and let me tell you.. I can make one fine pineapple pepperoni jalapeno pizza. Soooo damn good.
  9. That sounds hella good!

    Oh yeah I didn't eat dinner.
  10. pineapples rule.
  11. I wanna go buy a pineapple right now, I love pineapples so much. I want to marry pineapples.
  12. Fresh pineapples do something very strange to my throat, to be honest with you. I love the flavor and everything, but after the first three or four pieces it feels like I'm swallowing pine needles.

  13. I love pineapple, but after a few pieces it starts to burn my mouth.
  14. mmmm i want pineapple now

  15. That's where it's at.
  16. :hello:pineapples lol
  17. What...I must have this.

  18. I had super duper fresh pineapple when I went to Uganda. Handpicked and everything, was awesome.
  19. I love pineapples and I love Goose and Pineapple juice even more!!!
  20. Pineapples have to be the most delicious fruit out there right now.

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