Who likes MUDs!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dr. Jekl, Dec 19, 2002.


Do you play MUDs?

  1. YES!

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  2. no

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  3. I have no idea what you talkin bout dillweed

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  1. My friend has gotten me hooked on MUDs, multi-user dungeons. Basically text based games, it's pretty intense and time consuming, just wonderin if any of you play muds and if so which ones...

    my fav is nodeka
  2. im sure theyre cool and all, but i like my games with actual graphics.. if i wanted to read descriptions for hours on end id pick up a book :smoking:

    if your into rpgs and have a fuckin supercomputer, you should check out morrowind.. its basically just this insanely huge, deep rpg with fucking amazing visuals.. definitely fun to play when your high

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  3. hehehe, the ones with graphics are fun and all, except for me they wear down pretty quick... I actually played morrowind for a bit...

    btw, great pic hehehe

    Nodeka is awesome whether you are hihg, drunk, or in whatever phase you are. Most of the people are stoners from maine and just are chill as all hell. hehehe peace to all
  4. I wrote a few in School, but dont play them anymore.
  5. I used to go mudding years ago. Now I play Asherons Call 2 for my role playing needs.
  6. i used to do LARP (live action role playing), i played vampire: the mascarade. people think up some crazy shit in that game, there were so many twizted warped people there. it was alot of fun. there were alot of acting skills and sneaky wheelings and dealings behind peoples backs.
  7. ooops, i thought this was about a girl who i call MUD! my mistake
  8. Never would I thought id see something like this posted on a marijuana related forum.

    Im a mudder, basically addicted to this damn one this chick got me into a while back, whenever im by myself and tokin I cant help but log on there and do stuff.

    If you wanna check it out, its Necromium.com port 4000 www.necromium.com Im 'Sin' there. oh man im such a dork sometimes, heh.
  9. I used to be into MUDs a bit back in the day, not as much as some of my friends though. I remember my friends talking endlessly about 'starwars reality', if only I had an internet connection at the time...

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