Who likes Mac products?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jizz Master, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Idk why but it seems like the stoner or pothead people love Mac products, personally I love Macs and the creativity of programs on Macbooks. I Am writing this on my new Macbook now, and I love it so much, I couldn't imagine life without it. So you else feels the same way?
  2. I'm actually trying to get a mac mini.
  3. im on a mah macbook nao
  4. I got the new 13" macbook with the light up keys
    an iphone 3g
    a ipod
    Hi-Fi speaker
    and alot of there other little accessories

    I love apple and mac.
  5. God I wish I had a MAC so bad.. instead I have a Sony Vaio.

    My graduation present from my parents was a new laptop, I told them I wanted a MAC and my dad goes "You don't want a mac, the screens are way too small and if something breaks on the computer it'll be hard to get fixed." Sounds like bullshit to me...
  6. i used to have a vaio then the keys started popping off so i sold it for a cool 400 and put it towards the macbook, Believe me you wont be disappointed with a mac.

  7. The things I would do to have light up keys on my laptop... :mad:

  8. Yeah I know one of my classes in high school I got to use a mac and it was so badass.. Im stuck with this laptop until I can fork over the money for a mac, which I have more important stuff to buy before then (Like a Vaporizer :p)
  9. I love my iPod Touch and I use iTunes, but that's it

    Until they can bring the price way down on their computers it's gonna stay that way
  10. I needed mine for school so i decided to invest and i got bestbuy to give me there credit card so i put the laptop on there and they had a deal going on with no interest over 499 for 18 months, Im paying 100 dollars a month for it :) had it for 3 months now and im still happy.

    Vape huh i say buy more weed.
    PS NICE tupac avatar gotta love tupac.

  11. haha thanks, I just started appreciating how great he was and started listening to his music. Ill defiantly be buying more weed, but Im currently saving up for that 160 dollar vaporizer people on this forum have been talking great things about.

  12. Yes sir tupac has some of the best rap in the industry, a founding father in the game of rap.
  13. I bought the new Macbook Aluminum for $1600- $100 for the student discount, and also got the discount on the Applecare. I love my Mac products, also have an iPod Touch 2Gen and plan on getting the new iPhone replacement for the 3G which should come out this June.
  14. I think Mac books are over priced and offer nothing special. The only flaw in a windows operating system is that they are more vulnerable than others, which is primarily because they are mainstream compares to other OS's. The same could be said for linux systems considering the amount of web based security flaws online through web applications all primarily hosted on linux systems.

    I would much rather prefer a cheaper, or better quality computer with a windows OS overall. Most of the people who use computers, use them for more than just web browsing. Gaming as well as many other uses are just proven to be much better on a windows system.
  15. Well I suppose guilty as charged. Desktop is a Mac Pro, laptop is a MacBook Pro. I like them because they give me less headaches then my windows boxes(and I'm far far far from the average surfer/e-mail checker). My biggest bitch about them, especially the Mac Pro, is the lack of video card options.

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