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  1. hey... i was just wonderin which blades and bladies are into hardcore music. i don't mean bands like slipknot (they are definately <big>NOT</big> hardcore).

    i'm talkin' stuff like Punishment, Zao (their older stuff before they sold out), lutikris, Society's Finest, Shai Hulud, Sworn Enemy, God Forbid, The End, With Resistence, and Throwdown... ya know... real hardcore.
  2. it depends on what u mean by hardcore., i never heard of any of the bands u mentioned (cept for slipknot, but i agree with what u said about them) I do like mudvayne only because of ryknow, he gets a sweet bass tone.

    i like late 80's deathmetal especially morbid angel, stuff like that, i loved 'blessed are the sick'
  3. I like some hardcore. I really dig bands like Boy Sets Fire and Snapcase. Hatebreed is the shit too. I never considered God Forbid hardcore, tho. I always thought of them as a melodic death metal band with a hardcore-style singer.
  4. boy sets fire isn't really hardcore... snapcase and hatebreed aren't either (new hatebreed = numetal with breakdowns)... you're kinda right about god forbid. they're more metal core. not so much death metal (lyrically). mudvayne isn't really hardcore either... they're more numetal.

    lol *sigh* looks like i'm all alone with the hardcore thing here at the city.
  5. LoL

    well i guess that was a bad example by ur standards, although i still enjoy them.,

    i am gonna check out the bands u listed , i'm always up for something diff. and/or heavy.

    btw how would u describe the sound of these 'hardcore' bands.
  6. dont have much to say here cause Im not into the bands (havent really heard anything from them) but saw boy sets fire mentioned. while I do have to agree they arent very hardcore, by what cottons is talking about, they are one of my favorite bands around..they get into a lot of great subject, but mellow out a lot, so much so I dont think they fit the catagory. just wanted to say whats up to a fellow boy sets fire fan :)

  7. the absolute most insane drumming you'll ever hear (especially with Zao), heavy guitars, great breakdowns (where the pit just goes insane), and very lound screaming, lol.

    some songs to check out:


    Repressed, Endure, At Zero (repetitive in the beginning, but the drumming is insane... just stick it out), Trashcan Hands, To Think Of You Is To Treasure An Absent Memory, Exchange, In Loving Kindness, and The Children Cry For Help.

    God Forbid:

    anything from determination. #'s 8-the end of the cd are my favorites. #'s 2 and 3 have great drums... they're more of a metal band music wise with a hardcore singer.

    you might beable to find shai hulud or sworn enemy if you're really lucky, but the rest are kinda hard to locate. with resistence only has a single out at the moment (a friend of mine knows the band and gets the first copy of their upcoming album)... good luck with your search :)
  8. by the way weslypipes... i saw snapcase with papa roach and alien antfarm on the raid the nation tour. they were definately an awesome show band with a more hardcore sound than they have on their cd's... i left that pit with bruised ribs, a bruised shoulderblade, a bruised elbow, and a bruised chinbone. it was insane. papa roach sucked ass at the show by the way... they left all their fans waiting in the freezing cold, it's raining, and they go sit in their bus and leave without even coming out to talk to a few of 'em. every other band was out there 'cept them.

  9. I like hardcore, but I'm more into the local bands in the Lancaster area...it's not that I only like local bands, it just so happens that all the hardcore I like is local. right now I've been listening to Carnage's demo, very good stuff
  10. you ever hear of This Day Forward, A Life Once Lost, Heinous Anus, Punishment, or Bad Luck 13 (currently known as the hommicidals)? they're all local around here... they play shows around your parts occassionally... i think i've heard of Carnage before. i'll talk to my friend, he'd know (i'm not real good with remembering names most of the times).
  11. well, carnage used to be called Nemesis...Chris(the singer) told me they just changed their name to carnage b/c he didn't know that there already was a band with that name

    I'm thinking about putting their songs on kazaa...they only have a demo right now and I don't think they've been signed, I'm sure Chris would have told me(his girlfriend is my best friend)
  12. It's a difficult thing to say what's hardcore 'cos to me it's more about the attitude, there's the metalcore/beatdown section (All Out War, Length OF Time, Earth Crisis, Strife, 25 tha pain) the punk Section (Terveet Kädet, Discharge, Impulse Manslaughter, Disorder, etc.) and then there's the intellectual bands that are labeled as HC (snapcase, poison the well etc.)

    The worst part is when people start getting elitist about the scene, bands, labels, ethos etc. it started as an unity and community thing where individalitu wasn't such a big deal, everyone was accepted as they were. I like all areas of HC myself but aren't a big follower, there's time and place for everything and HC has quite a lot of moments. The city where I live is called the "Hardcore capital of finnland" don't know why but there's quite a big following and many many bands and they sell the most HC records to here. Mick 25 from 25 that life said after a gig they did in here in 98 "this is like NY!!!!"

    But anyway UNITE!!!!!!!!

    The greatest thing about HC is the Do It Yourself mentality, local scenes and bands are as much respected as the worldwide "big" bands.
  13. Hard core can also mean like... Hardcore Dance music... like one step before Gabber. Hardcore Chedder, Hardcore Hell, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Jungle, ... u know Rave stuff... early 90's style. I wish i'd been to a Rez. Rezzurection was the days. I think that style of hardcore died with Bonkers... so how the fuck did Bonkers manage to have so many sequels??? life support i guess.


    I used to be into that stuff bigtime.

    but i don't think any of you have a clue what i'm on about. Is anyone from Europe here? they'll know. Holland or UK anyways.
  14. Oh yes, Hardcore techno.... and not to forget Digital Hard Core, with atari and Shizuo etc.
  15. hey ubik, you're so totally right... i love how local HC bands are just as accepted as the "bigger bands" (which most people would even consider underground). i'm from the HC capital of the world (the one and only Philly)... and i LOVE it. the people around here aren't as accepting of numetal or punk/emo bands though...

    you'll get the diehard HC kids who'll sit through a 2 hour emo show just to see 1 or 2 HC bands... but then ya got the ones who can't be bothered by anything less than a IX Circle show (IX Circle being a crew of the most violent dancers in the world). i've been to a few of them... people frequently leave those shows in stretchers... to give ya a little bit of an idea as to just how violent they are.

    and digit... i love techno music. i'm not very knowledgable in it, but i love the music. i'm all about raving and pop-n-lock (i'm actually quite good). never been to a rave though... although i'd like to in the future.
  16. ive been listening to Dream Theater. would you consider that hardcore?
  17. never heard of Dream Theater... sorry :(
  18. hard core is cool. posion the well are good. so are zao and good charlotte omg they are so hard core.... omfg.. no sorry just kidding wow i hope everyone got as good laugh out of that i suure did.
  19. I actually spit soda all over my screen when I saw Good Charlotte in your list of hardcore bands...after I cleaned the screen I realized you were kidding...man I'm gonna have sticky keys for a while :p
  20. lol, i was like "woah... good charlotte???"

    then i read on and was like *phew*

    LOL hempress! :D

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