WHO Likes dat dense and yellow milk??!!?

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    NO camera effects or anything used, clean tube before this rip as I clean after every sesh, and have freshwater ever 4 rips or soo.....
    just pulled reall slowly to get that smoke super dense in the larger bore area.



  2. that looks like its gonna hurt,lol,,nice pics.thanks for sharing,peace LEAR
  3. yeah, thanks lear, it wasn't too too bad, but def was still a bit rough

    you get my message about the slide, it'll be shipped to ya early july.
  4. no i didnt get that one,thats fine,longer you take to ship longer it takes to be fixed and returned,lol,,,,,thats a sick tube as well,,,,,,peace LEAR:smoke:
  5. yeah, my roomate left in it Colorado like a dumbass lol, but it'll be on top my list of things to do when i get there, along with getting a new piece...possibly some lear, i dunno?? I'll see.
  6. That sir is a fuckton! hahaha what a beauuuuuutiful milk! :hello:I actually think one of the pictures of this tube is the background on my phone. Not creeping, i just picked it up oneday posting in the old high end picture thread.
  7. word,,,sounds good bro,,keep collecting that sick glass,,peace LEAR

  8. haha, that's awesome!! is it one of the outdoor shots from a hike, cause I used that as a background for a while....:hello:

    i will, i'll let you know when it's out in the mail. i'm off to bed..just a lil :smoke::smoke: and some zzzzz's
  9. thats quite a bit of water in that piece! But i dont blame you. These things act like its nothing

    I have the same piece(but with a yellow/black label), and at first i kept the water level low, and then i kept raising it because it doesnt seem to affect drag at all, I keep it about 3/4" above the top holes.
  10. ya props for the quality bong.
  11. I like dat dense yellow milk.
  12. psh, thats nothing its not even half way filled yet lol. nice bong though..
  13. what kind of tube is that? ballin' though...looks like percs below the stem..?
  14. Not I says the head with bronchitis.
  15. haha duude that thing looks real nasty..almost cheesy...haha respect
  16. This is my phones current background haha it may not be your tube but as far as I could tell it looked damn close.

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  17. yep that's me lol, I LOVE that shot, w/ the big/z and the elephant trunk poking in there, with some FAT milkyness haha.

    This tube puts out such dense smoke if you pull slowly it's redic, pull quickly though and its just super tasty, those hits don't taste the best, but get you blazed to hell

  18. haha yea man yellow rips definitely not tasty. but cant disagree they do get u ripped
  19. yep, they're cool once and a while to do, but usually i like my milks a bit whiter tbh

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