Who like SG Sov glass?

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    I'm here to check who likes the heady Sovereignty glass.

    Don't be scared, I know some of you own SG.

    (photo cred: Rix)

    (photo cred: headimonster)

    (photo cred: headimonster)

    post up respects or pics of your own! I want to see who LOVES the SG Sov glass on this site...I know I do :hello:

  2. ...wow, no one is down

    WTF? yall only like roors and shitty medicali glass?

    whats up with that :confused:
  3. id give my left nut for that bubbler, i plan on getting one soon.
  4. There is already an SG appreciation thread. :bongin:
  5. Seconded... but yeah there is limited appreciation for Sovereignty Glass here. You'll find more people who know of SG in the high end glass picture thread and social group.

    It's more popular to hate on high end glass here than to appreciate it. Most of the blades haven't even seen most of SG's insane creations... let alone tried them.

    I wish I could afford one right now... the best I can do is save and wait for the next available inverted 4.
  6. Yeah, SG needs love. Their work is amazing. A lot of people like it better than Toro. I've yet to try an SG... but it's up on my list for sure.
  7. The coolest thing about SG is that there is no "their". It's one dude going nuts on a lathe.

    I think SG is better than Toro too. He's been reinforcing percs longer, he's constantly innovating leaving everyone else behind and he offers his own site where you can get SG glass without dealing with absurd shop markup. Add that to the fact that he isn't dishonest... or hasn't yet had a scandal revealing how dishonest and manipulative he can be to everyone. I think you know where I'm going with that one.

  8. Can you PM this website where you can buy SG glass? Thanks

  9. Yeah I hear you.... pretty much the only good thing about Toro is its glass. I did not know SG was a one-man show. Awesome. Do you mind PMing me his site?
  10. Do you live in California? He only ships within the state.
  11. I'm not certain that each an every SG product is made by one person. That would seem unlikely to me... but from what I have heard.. all the tubes are done by one person.

  12. I wish! I don't live in California......yet.
  13. I'm pretty sure I have read it's him and his shop-mate/friend
  14. word up, yall know how to make a dude feel welcomed. :D

    and yo bro^^ Kyle? WTF? His name is Steve....and there are about 2 other dudes that help him produce the prodo line of his tubes. Steve makes most all the heady custom work though :hello:


  15. Ya Im in CA. Thanks for the site. The only other one I knew about was BFG and SMG.
  16. Good luck my friend. SG is wildly popular. I know of at least 20 people who refresh that site daily looking for new stock.

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