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Who knows..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by steve28, May 17, 2010.

  1. I was an avid smoker, stopped for 7 weeks, then smoked a bowl.
    10 days latter I smoked another(today). I was working out daily, and still am.

    I'm thinking only a week or so of working out and drinking plenty will get me clean again fast... what do you think?
  2. If your using daily, then its about 45 days. Really, you can never say how long thc is going to stay in your system. We know after its processed throughout the body, it stays withing fat cells and is set on some sort of rough time release. We also know that after each use, the time it takes to be clean is roughly doubled. So say the wait for a first time user would be about 1-3 days, weekly 4-9, and monthly is about 45 days. Thats a very rough, and conservative estamate, but like I said one can never be sure as there are SO many different factors, and variables that can be put into the equation.

    Btw drinking water, and exercising only go so far. Drinking water is only going to dilute your urine, not
    flush your system. So drinking water excessively DAYS previous to testing is futile, as your just diluting your urine then which is pointless because your not being tested then. Your gonna want to drink excessively HOURS previous to testing, up to 12 hours and less. Most tests, test for dilution. They do this by testing for creatine levels. You can avoid low creatine levels by eating lots of red meat previous to testing. Also eat some vitamins containing b2 or b12 vitamins to darken your urine.

    Also exercising will loosen up those thc metabolites stuck in your body fat (if you exercise for up to 20 mins or more) but this is only use full days before testing. If you exercise the day your tested, or the day before your almost guaranteed to fail. Why? Because now your system is full of loosened thc metabolites.

    Sorry about the wall of text, i just don't want to see another harmless stoner be persecuted.
  3. Thanks Tyro,

    I appreciate the advice

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