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who knows how to fix iphones?

Discussion in 'General' started by ChiefBuddha, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. so my iphone randomly stopped working today... first it lost all service. it had that "searching..." in the top left corner for awhile and then it just shut off. then it wouldn't even turn on. it just showed the apple when it turns on and then shut right back off. finally i got it to turn on and it said i had to restore it. so i restored it and like an hour later its doing the same thing except this time every time it turns on it goes to the "searching.." thing so i can't get service -__-

    someone please help
  2. too much porn would do this, try rebooting the system
  3. take it to apple quick. I herd alot of the iphones are starting to mess up. Did u download the new update it had?
  4. I don't watch porn from my phone lol but yeah I rebooted it a few hours ago and now I have to again. I restored all my old apps, contacts, pictures, etc. after though, so if theres like a virus or something should i not restore any of those and just start from scratch?
  5. Did you restore as new or restore from a backup? Restore it as new; the backup could be corrupt. I used to work at AppleCare.
  6. PS. You can always sync that info back, just don't restore from the backup.
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