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Who knows about the HTG 240w 7band led?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Empherio, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I've been comparing this one
    HTG Supply - 7 Band 240w LED Grow Light
    to the Blackstar 240w, which has plenty of positive feedback.
    Does anyone use it? My grow will consist of 2 or 3 plants, 2x4 area. I'm currently using a 250w hps with great results, but with the weather heating up, temperature are going to be a real concern very shortly- hence the switch to led. I'm hoping the HTG 240w (more like 220w draw according to HTG dude) will do even better without the heat.

    I've heard plent of good about HTG, but I've never used them. Does anyone use this light? Should I go with the Blackstar instead?
  2. Guys like rapsodyrocks swear by their Blackstars but they got the big ones .Really the question is can you flower with this unit? I think you'll find it's underpowered compared to a 250wt hps. Maybe you can aircool your hood or use a cool tube. I have a similar unit ..its great for veg but when i flowered with it it didn't compare with my hps. I now veg with it and then switch to chmber with 2 90wt ufo's /250wtmh and then switch to ufo's/400wt hps using same air cooled hood
  3. I plan on supplementing with at least another 150w of cfl(6 x 28w 2700k). Given my grow limitations, I know that the hps will be too hot, even with inline exhaust, so summer growing means an led.

    Surely someone in our fine community has produced a respectable personal grow using one of these 240w leds? Blackstar has a sizable amount of positive feedback on the few led centric forums I've found, HTG Supply likewise is well regarded.

    Watt for watt, the grow will be the same, led or hps. With all of the magical spectrums promised by leds, how could it not be better? And cooler?
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    ive also been lookin at the 240w from htg ..i plan on using it in a 60"Hx16"Wx36"D with a 135w ufo possibly with more primary lighting deffinatly with MH supplimental any thoughts..size restraint is a reason i cant go hps(balist,heat)
  5. I have a friend who bought that one seems to like it. Im sure its similar to the Blackstar interms of wattage and a Blackstar 240 pulls about 130-140 watts. Watts contrary to LED makers still equates to bigger grows.

    I read somewhere though that HTGSupply lights are cheap chinese knock offs...but most are anyhow thats why they all look similar..same factories.
  6. The HTG is surely Chinese made, since they don't claim otherwise, but I won't hold that against it. As rhapsodyrcks says, everything else is made there too, so what?

    Ah well, they gave me a great deal when I called them for the 240w 7band and a new tent. I'll be giving my new led setup a try this season with some kosher and sour cream. If the results suck, I promise not to silently endure my embarrassment- I will loudly blame the led for any and all failures!
  7. have u ever delt with sour cream before i have some growing now going in to week 8 of flower
  8. I have a beauty 4wks in flower, about 26", lst'd a lot. Sativa pheno, can't wait to try it- I believe it will finish before I have to put away the 250w hps. It looks like it will yield nicely, but I've never grown DNA Sour Cream before. It is my first try at a sativa dominant strain. I would post pics, but I'm a'scared.
  9. haha kool my sour cream is under a 1000 hps i have white dom. and rock lock under an LED MH combo(grow that will be replaced by 240w?)
  10. I can't really give you an immediate response, but I too share the same heat issues with a summer grow. I just started a grow about 2 weeks ago from seed using the 7 band 240w HTG unit! check out my sig! It is the second link.
  11. Okay, so I just purchased a Kilowatt Meter to check the actual draw of my HTG 240w panel, and it came out to 156watts.. Idk what this means but this is still pretty good. Does anyone have any comments on this? I know I found while doing research the BlackStar was far off of what is stated as well.

  12. Thats a normal thing. Unfortunately the makers usually only advertise the potential wattage. They take the number of LED's and multiply it by the watt of the LED's to get to there numbers. LEDs are run at half power since they would burn out fast if they did not.

    You will very rarely find a LED that advertises the watts pulled..bigger numbers sell.

    Its not really false advertising since it could pull the stated amount.Its all about what numbers you want to use. Its sorta like cars with MPG or horse power. Theres engine horsepower and horse power to the wheels. Its usually far less then what the engine produces. For MPG there dirty secret is they test the car with nothing in it on a tread mill with no stoping and going set it on cruise control and run it till empty. Well no one drives like that. Why they recently changed it. Consumer reports did a test on stated MPG and what they got in some cases they got half at best what the maker states.

    Buyer beware applies to LEDs to.
  13. i have heard the same thing ive been looking into them and almost every where i hear its likea 40% decrease from what they advertise the wattage is goin the the 3 fans most new 7 bands have

  14. The fans use minimal power. Usually there simple fans that you would find in computers.
  15. haha so y the hell dnt they just give u real specs?
  16. I found a really good article on this matter and now can't seem to locate it. But basically from what I read, for example I have a panel that is listed at 240w, with 3w diodes. There are 80 LED's on the panel, that are 3w ea, this is where the 240w claim is coming from, so technically this is not a bogus claim. The grey area comes when you get a Kilowatt meter like myself and you find that it is only pulling 155-156 watts. I guess though from what I read they TECHNICALLY are not lying, however the motherboards inside the units are having the LEDs only running at about half what they are specd to do which I guess is for longevity of life and long term use etc etc. I agree, they should just list the ACTUAL output, but I believe that that is why they make tools, lol such as a kilowatt meter. For my grow I am only doing one plant so 155 watts is fine, I even bet I can get another on in there no problem. But now I know what EXACTLY this panel is doing and if I feel the need I wouldn't mind picking up another one or sticking in some CFLS.

    I hope this helped :D

  17. They did its up to you to figure it out. Way back dunno if you were using computers then we all used Tube monitors. They sold them like they do today 17 19 21 inches etc. Well they included the plastic case of the monitor in the measurements and it varied. So to get 17 inches of screen you had to get a 18-20 inch monitor and it varied by brand some would say 16.9 17.2 etc. Wasnt till they passed a law that did they report it right.

    It all depends how you see it. For a consumer he sees it as getting ripped off or false advertisement to them there giving you honest specs.
  18. yea i had seen you pot'st that number earlier...i guess it makes sense since these lights r runnin for a min of 12 hrs a day...and from you tru number we can use as a platform wen comparing other LED pannels
  19. Really? I find this interesting. Are you talking about CRT monitors? What a scam, lol Oh well. I am still happy with my panel, lucky I didn't have a larger grow planned though. :/

  20. Well now that you know you'll know what you need. Back to your topic though never used a HTG but its so similar to a Blackstar I would bet it will be fine for a grow. I would not use it in more then a 2x2 area though. Thats what the Blackstar 240w is ideally used for. If its anything like the Blackstar should be able to do 2-3 plants in there. 2 Ideally.

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