who knew?

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. i dont realy know ? what dont i know ? do i realy know what i dont know or do i know what i dont know! it makes me wonder at times ? dose it you? thats right, i knew !good luck tazz11
  2. Hell if know I either?
  3. lol high dude i just dont know why i tpyed it but i must have knowen then ,or maybe i knew an dont know why i knew?
  4. I don't know why I typed my response. It just seemd right at the time. I do know this is my 500th post. And I do not know why I know that but there must be a reason somewhere. Why do I have so many crazy ideas, hell I don't know. Must be a short circuit due to prolong soberness. I know this must change. Maybe a big bowl of smoke when i leave work. hmmmmmm... i don't know ... I geuss so.....

    See you tomorrow.

    Mamma just called and she's warming the sake up on the stove. Warm sake means a warm momma. Warm momma means .........? I'm gone, hope no cops writing speeding tickets today
  5. good luck dude !
  6. BPP you hit the 500 mark man, congrats! And good luck with the whole sake incident :D
    note to self: go buy sake, feed to bf...
  7. What also helps the BPP is for the wife to get a call from her bestfriend who is getting a divorce and the friend tell the wife that BPP is the best husband any woman can have and she wants to meet a man like me. Big time EGO boost for the BPP.
  8. thats a hard on dude !lol she must have been dazed by your sharm and wite!good luck tazz11
  9. Its wierd Tazz, because for all these years she has haed me with a passion, like a contest for my wifes affection. So now that she is splitting up, I suddenly become Mr. Wonderful. Its like she has come out of a tunnel and finally sees the light. *LOL*

    She was always pretty money hungry and married an older man (14 yrs senior I think) with big bucks. Now that he has gotten older and very set in his ways it must make me seem better because I'm 3 years younger than she is and I still act like did when I was a kid (but it takes me longer to recover from it). Its sad that it took her 20 years of marriage to realize that money does not make a happy long term relationship, but marrying someone who can be your best friend is the key to long term satisfaction.
  10. money has little meaning in my book and never plays top billing in my veiw of the world and those i know in it its a sin and i enjoy it for what it is ! lol money has its place right know its in my dealers hand for the big fat oz thats waiting for me to type this and give it the taste test ! he smoked a big fatty with me and bad toad and were still lit,dude ! i am fucked up know and stoned to the bone with med weed! i know what your saying about the gals dude they wanrt so much they look right past whats right before their eyes! us great hunks of man! right lol sex is great but if they wont love you with out money i could not love them with it!i think i will smoke one and think about all the lovely woman in the world i like to see but would marrier ,...good luck tazz11
  11. We come to true love, not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly!! :smoking: :hippie: :smoking:
  12. i am stoned ,call my mommy! lol
  13. TAZZ'S MOMMY!!! :smoking: sorry man no response!! :smoking:
  14. no see my ! mommy some one did something with my mommy and i think it was my daddy!lol
  15. WHO'S YOUR DADDY! ( sorry, couldn't help myself!,,,,,Bad cowboy, Bad! ) :smoking:

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