Who Killed "Bill"?

Discussion in 'General' started by Occultivator, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    no doubt in my mind
  2. It was definitely Uma Thurman, as said above.
  3. He was found with his hands (behind his back) and genitals bound.

    Suicide?.. No, I don't think so.
  4. i'm sure he was killed

    or he was having some crazy fuckin sex with some tai sluts and they accidentally choked him, and they just left

  5. The report you linked to says;

    I'm betting he was having a little fun by himself and slipped up, so to speak. :poke:
  6. You seem anxious to rule out foul play, JD

  7. Ah, I missed that- I did not use the same source of my first hearing this news.

    Conflicting news reports only further arouse my suspicion. Self gratification is too convenient of an explanation. Good theory, but I believe this man was murdered.

    EDIT: I like your User title btw. :)
  8. Man, this is such a mindfuck.

    I hope the truth is revealed and not another unsolved mystery.

  9. It's true.

    I am Uma Thurman. :(

  10. I've heard that at least a couple different news sources, upon reporting the part about the rope around his neck and genitals, very quickly changed it to read a rope around his "neck and body".

    If he did die whilst 'pleasuring' himself, I don't think his family wants it to get out...

    (Thanks, btw. :D)
  11. That really is bizarre. No sign of forced entry to the room, and hanging in the closet with his genitals bound? Sounds like this could definately be the beginning of a good movie plot.

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