Who is your favorite smoke buddy?

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  1. Well the tittle pretty much explains it all. Who is your favorite smoke buddy, and why? Personally my smoke buddy is my best friend alex he was the guy who got me high the first time and we have been friends since like seventh grade. He is always the chill one and we always think of the funniest shit. Lol just sitting in class bored so I thought I would make a thread.
  2. I have a smoking group. It's me and three of my best buddies in the world. Me and them smoke together all the time, and I love blazing with them.
  3. Well I love smoking with my gf but then I do love to smoke with my buddy Jesse.
  4. Yeah we have a group too. Its me my friend libeety, tamir and alex but I enjoy smokong with alex more cause he is the most calm. And he has been my friend for the longest.
  5. I have a couple really good smoking buddies. All friends from freshman year of college (will be seniors this fall). We pretty much share all of our weed. No money ever exchanges hands for bud. It's just known that if you get smoked up the next time you sack up you should return the favor.

    Routine is pretty much the same. We get together, whoever has bud smokes everyone up, then we play some FIFA 11 or Tiger Woods, or some n64 mario kart.
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    That sounds like a fucking blast. Haha. That is the way it works for my group too with the bud, but we never play FIFA or any of that shit:/
  7. my buddy i just got tight with last year, always good to have someones back when they're dry and they'll have yours all the time, and just in general too, smoking brings people closer, no homo
  8. would definitely have to be my roommates, who are also my good friends. I feel its better to limit the people you smoke with
  9. Me, myself and I.
  10. None of my friends smoke anymore so right now it's my Xbox lol But then again I don't smoke much anymore either
  11. Can't really say, I'm part of a close knit group of friends and we've known each other and lived together since Freshman year college (we all just finished Junior year) and most of us smoke daily (4 out of 7). I like smoking with all of them, everyone has their little hang ups and what not but I enjoy getting high and conversing with them so yea.
  12. My younger brother.
  13. i love smoking with my best friend Will, hes so chill and we think of the funniest shit when were stoned together. We talk about everything. We always blaze in this awesome tree fort that is being built by some random guy.
  14. Favourite people to smoke with are two of my buddies, I've known one since way back in the day, and the other I haven't known as long, but we've become pretty tight, pretty fast. We just chill and listen to music while we're baked, which is why they're my favourite smoking buddies. Everybody else I smoke with insists on doing something.
  15. My bong because it helps make everything possible :bongin:

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