Who is your favorite Philosopher?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by BuddhasPatio, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Who is your favorite Philosopher?

    Mine would either be Jack Kerouac, or Buddha.
  2. at the risk of sounding extremely arogant...


    i prefer to look within for answers to lifes greatest questions. Not that i'm saying i'm in anyway better or superior... i just think its a matter of self, and also one should never become preocupied with the teachings of any other sole source of wisdom... even buddha. by this i mean simply that the search four true wisdom should be as broad as possable.
  3. I agree with you, Digit. I'm my favorite philosopher, too. Other people's ideas give me something to think about, but I don't want to adopt someone else's philosophies unless I am able to come to the same conclusions on my own.

  4. you risked it, you made it!!

    i'd say carl sagan.

  5. what's the point of reading philosophy if you already have a pre-conceived conclution. doesn't make sense. part of challengenging ones mind is to take in and try to understand other peoples thoughts, and if it makes sense, maybe revise some of your own.
  6. okok zy.

    in some vane attempt to make myself seem less arrogant...

    Bill Hicks.
  7. I do try to understand other people's thoughts. I ponder the same questions and think my own thoughts. I ponder other people's thoughts and see how the coincide with my own. I examine the merits of different view points and if my conclusion coincides with theirs, then I adopt it. If not, I don't. Sometimes my thoughts need revision. Sometimes my thoughts seem better to me, sometimes they don't. I like to argue multiple sides of an argument because it helps me find the weak points in each side. Once the weak points are found it is easier to derive a better argument, one that takes more into consideration. I still think that I am my favorite philosopher, but that doesn't mean that I completely disregard what everyone else thinks.
  8. inferiorwang: gottit. sorry, i think i misunderstood your previous post. oops.

    digit: bill hicks, the comedian? why not. sure is more fun to read than say socrates.


    sorry if i belittled your ego there for a little while digit :)

    [evil laughter can be heard in the background, just listen, very carefully...]
  9. didn't tool quote / sample a bill hicks gag about musicians and drugs. something about if you're against drugs, you should burn all your records, coz' them [musicians] were really high on drugs when they made their music.

    true too. i'm a musician. i'm high. case proven as fact. now let's move on :)

  10. nope, no belittling took place as i read that.

    i do feel you may have done socrates a great injustice though. ;)

    ps, quit putting the voices and laughter in my head. hehe

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