who is your Favorite Actor?

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. who is your favorite actor?

    mine are

    all time: Robert De Niro

    nowadays: Christian Bale and Edward Norton
  2. Edward Norton, Johnny Depp.
  3. Robert De Niro. I mean this duke has played some gangsta ass roles and yet he can make me cry of laughter in "meet the parents/fockers". johnny depp is nice aswell. I like fear and loathing,blow and pirates of the carribean. Cant think of anyone else right now
  4. Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver might have been my favorite. There's a new Focker movie comming out called "Meet the Little Focker" hahhaha. No I'm serious they're really making it.
  5. I'd say Edward Norton, Brad Pitt (like half of his movies), or Russel Crowe.
  6. Jack Nicholson

    Easy Rider
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
    Five Easy Pieces
    The Shining
    A Few Good Men
    The Departed
  7. De Niro and Norton.
  8. id have to say sean bean, just because i met him and personally knew and was good friends with his daughter (and love his movies)

    but him asside, id say connery and brosnan are the two actors i enjoy watching the most.

    and yes, i am a huge, HUGE bond fan.
  9. there are so many... honestly christopher walkin is the funniest fuckin dude... gotta have more cow bell baby!
  10. I'm always quite entertained by Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi...
  11. shia labeouf
    will smith
    edward norton
  12. Bill Bob Thorton!
  13. Walken's soldering iron quote in Joe Dirt just might be the funniest thing he has ever said. Those "The Continental" skits on SNL were hilarious too.

    My favorite actor of all time is either Johnny Depp or De Niro. It's a hard pick.
  14. Johnny Dramaaaaaaa!
  15. Christopher Walken, hands down.
  16. Edward Norton and Robert De Niro
  17. Damn alot of people like Ed Norton, he is in the new Hulk movie. Comes out next year.
  18. Scarlet Johanssen.
  19. yea dude One Flew.. is def one of m favorite movies,

    clint eastwood is def the best imo though, i just watched thunderbolt and lightfoot today and its my all time fav movie, also kellys heroes, high plains drifter, g=the good the bad and the ugly, dirty harry, joe kidd, the outlaw josie wales,... and so on, clint is the man,

    christopher walken is sick too
  20. Al Pacino in Scarface of course

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