who is this years top college qb?

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  1. so who do you think are this years best college qbs?
  2. I'm going with Greg Mcelroy, just based on his performance in the SEC Championship last year. He looked really good in that game, and plus he'll have arguably the best running back in the nation in the backfield, Mark Ingram.
  3. They're all pretty damn good.

    Locker is who most people expect to be the #1 overall pick for next year's draft, so he's got pretty high expectations.
    I think Pryor is gonna be an absolute beast this year, Heisman candidate possibly.
    Ponder is pretty damn good too, I think people are sleeping on him and he's pretty talented.

    Everyone you mentioned in the poll is good, it's gonna be a awesome year for college football this year.

    One guy I forgot to mention, Cam Newton at Auburn. Look for this guy to tear up the SEC this year. Auburn could seriously win the SEC with Newton leading the way. War Eagle baby, War Eagle.
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    locker, luck, pryor, mallet, moore, ponder, brantley

    i think atleast 2 or 3 of these guys will be up for heisman
  5. Christian Ponder will win the Heisman and the National Championship and will probably be the #1 overall draft pick.

    Go Noles!
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    ^^Just to stir up some opinions. I think Ryan Mallet could possibly be the best quarterback, I don't know much about his options at wide out, but talent wise, I think its Mallet. Lets see what Petrino can do with him this year.

    IMO if John Brantley, first year QB at UF deserves a spot on that list then why not add Garret Gilbert from Texas? He kept the game halfway interesting when McCoy went out which is impressive for a freshman against the arguably the best D in the nation. Can you imagine the thoughts going through that kids mind when McCoy went down?
  7. lmao
    with what running game, offensive line, wr, and well entire defense?
    Looking forward to traveling to tally for 7 in a row this year baby!!!

  8. I thought about Gilbert, but Brantley is a 4th year JR, a lot different than a true soph.

    Mallet is the best sec QB.

    Lastly McElory is not that good of a QB IMO, and secondly, Richardson is a best, but I do not think he is even the best RB at Bama.

    We will see how he comes back from injury, but considering, where he was and what he did, I love Griffin from Baylor.

    Lastly Pryror is a bum QB, he is a freak, and I think Florida had it right recruiting the kid to come play tight end.
  9. His passing game may not be where it should be, but it progressed a ton from his freshman year to his sophomore, and I expect it to get even better this year, and he's still gonna be a freak of nature with his ability to take off. He's one of three pre-season favorites for Heisman.

    It sucks that Masoli is suspended for the year. I was really looking forward to seeing what he could do with the Ducks, they my pick to win it all before he got suspended.

  10. I'll still take Gilbert over Brantley any day. He was slangin in that game. We'll see how he does these next three years.

    And I would think that the returning Heisman trophy winner, Ingram, would be a little bit better than his backup.
  11. Locker ftw, if UW wasn't so bad.
  12. Richardson is a better back, just wait and see...and who kept Ingram fresh, and who had huge numbers himself, and he was only a freshman.
  13. Matt Barkley from USC?

    Probably not the best since hes only a sophmore, but definitely a great QB

  14. :confused_2:

    You're confusing me..

    But yeah i think in time Richardson will have the better career, college and pro.
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    Dude, we've got a fleet of running backs. Jermaine Thomas is likely to be the starter but Chris Thompson looked best in the spring. Pryor, Jones, and Pressley have all seen playing time aslo. Plus we've got JUCO transfer Debrale Smiley coming in. We've got mad running backs... plus a new running backs coach Eddie Gran who has recruited and coached such beasts as Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, Brandon Jacobs, and Duece McCallister among others. Don't you worry about the run game... well, as a Gator fan, you better worry. :p

    We will have the best offensive line in the nation. They were already the best in the ACC last year despite being plagued by injuries. This will be the third year this O-line will be together... by far the most experienced line in the NCAA.

    We are only losing one wide receiver (in fact, only one player on the entire offense.) We've got a fleet of WRs aswell including our #1 receiver from last year. Plus Greg Reid will play a little offense next year... you know, the dude that lead the nation in punt return yards as a Freshmen.

    As for the defense... that was a one year fluke. We've got Mark Stoops taking over the DC spot... yeah, you know the Stoops name. Plus Greg Hudson taking over at LBs coach.

    "We're going to put on a show for the world next year."- Xavier Rhodes, FSU Safety

    "FSU is back"

    BTW, LOL at all the Terrelle Pryor votes... Miami is going to go up there and beat that ass. Which brings up another point, Jacory Harris should be on this list.
  16. the run was garbage last year, and those guys are average at best.
    Not to mention, your o line is not on par with the gators. Considering how great our line was last year, and only losing one starter as well.
    So not sure how you can claim most experienced,3 of our starters on the line have NC rings where they started, what does FSU oline have? nada, every year we hear, oh the oline, Trickett is amazing, but you guys still are not that good up front.
    Ponder has a good arm, and his growth last year did impress me, but still your guys offensive is pedestrian.
    Defensively you guys need a years adjustment for stoops anyways. Most of the guys only know Andrew's outdated system, and it will take a year for that to get rolling.
    But Fisher is a dumb, just like that first round qb he mentored, Jamarcus Russell.
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    It took you 8 days to come up with that? :p

    You will see some "average" guys blowing by you on the field next fall.

    The offensive line will be superior to the Gators line. I can say they are the most experienced because they accumulate for more starts than any other line in the nation. Congrats on bringing back four starters, we are bringing back all five... for the third year in a row.

    The offense put up "pedestrian" numbers last year mostly because of the defense and Ponder's injury. If the defense could have gotten the offense on the field a little more, the offensive numbers would have been much more impressive. Atanyrate, we only scored 5 points less a game than your mighty Gators with one of the most horrible defenses in the nation.

    Yeah, it will take a little time for Stoops to perfect his system... but the thing is, we've got a bunch of young smart hard working players ready to be coached up and do whatever it takes to get back to playing real FSU defense. This defense will be worlds better than last year's and maybe one of the top units in the nation before long.

    Did you say Fisher is dumb or a bum? Either way, that's kind of ignorant and rude. Jimbo was Russell's college coach and during that time built Jamarcus into the #1 overall pick... that's about all Fisher can do for Russell. You can't blame Jimbo for Russell's poor work ethic after he became a millionaire, and if you want to blame a coach for his poor performance on the field, I'd start with the Raiders coaching staff instead of trying to blame his college coach.

    Trying to bash Jimbo for Russell's pro career is foolish and disrespectful. I guess you should call Meyer dumb because he couldn't even get Chris Leak drafted... much less the #1 overall pick.
  18. i was on vacation.

    Your line was not as good as ours last year, and yet because of one medium talent guy, you guys will be better.
    Not to mention, do you see our recruiting in the trenches, years in and out as opposed to yours.
    You had walk ons starting at DE. Both your lines are weak.

    Second, LSU offense under Fisher was not good. Russell was always a bonehead player, and was always drafted on size and intangibles.
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    Are you saying Pouncey was medium talent? He got drafted as a junior.

    Fuck the jibber jabber...

    I'll see you on November 27th. :D

    Go Noles!
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    you better believe it

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