Who is the man behind the curtain?

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    I was curious ok, don't beat me up blades.
    So with a little bit of research I found out that it's this company called Cresco Labs behind all the states medical legalization push, laws & stores.
    Wow! Just wow!
    Who is Cresco Labs Yeltra I asked?
    Seems they are connected to John Boehner and he has phony mmj companies all over various states. Can you believe this lol.
    John Boehner Weed Cartel
    He was ex head of the fed gov't for 24 years & while in office this turd could not be a bigger disgrace to the country. I'm sorry but I will never support any of this so called legalization until we all see some real changes.
    OverGrow' em all
  2. You don't need to apologize for opposing legalization, people have been doing that forever.
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  3. Yeah there’s a lot of greedy hands claiming they care about patients & there cannabis freedom, but it’s possible some of the ppl that care care only about personal income. Better to leave the plant free regardless so we can always have the option to grown our meds ourselves.

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  4. Ya think the government is doin this for us?
  5. I was apologizing for the phony failed legalization brought upon us from these so called political leaders. But you're right Ed, they should be apologizing to us but I won't hold my breath.
  6. What the fuck is up with all the pictures?
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  7. I'm a little slow and still don't understand. Could you briefly state what this company is doing you find objectionable? I know you said their legalization efforts was phony but in what way?
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    Marijuana Activists Protest John Boehner’s SXSW Speech
    From the article:
    Boehner has been the subject of ongoing criticism from marijuana advocates, who point out that he failed to act on cannabis reform, and opposed certain criminal justice reform legislation, during his 24 years in Congress. While he never introduced, cosponsored or voted in favor of marijuana bills in that time, he joined one of the largest cannabis firms, Acreage Holdings, as a board member last year.

    This guy owns major old Tobacco and Nicotine/Poison Vape companies. All their fake marijuana companies trade on the stock market together and sell those vape pens you see in dispensaries. How do you know whats in them, you can't see it like a bag of buds. They will poison their buds also like they did their cigarettes. No laws have changed for us in 4 years and cannabis is more expensive than ever. Medical with no home grows since 2016. So I say support local. Maybe in 15 years they will have changed their stupid laws after they have all gotten greedy rich :lmafoe:
  9. So your reason for objecting is because someone will get rich selling legal cannabis and you don't think vape carts should be sold in dispensaries? Whatever Boehner has done or failed to do in the past doesn't matter now, does it? It sounds like you're against legal cannabis because someone like Boehner may get rich when in the past he didn't do anything about legalization. Maybe I'm still missing your point and if so I would appreciate you pointing out my errors.
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  10. There is no way you even read my article in that amount of time. Don't you get it, he is a drug warrior who worked for the the same Fed gov't that everyone claimed marijuana is illegal for. So they arrested us claiming it's against Federal law and now the same evil Federal law head and chief puppet master with his gang of drug warriors are now trying to cash in and the Fed laws still remain exactly the same. So the state police have been doing the dirty work for the John Bohenar cartel all these years setting them up for their stores and the state gov't allowed it through bribes.
  11. I don't care how cannabis becomes legal, to me it only matters that it does. As long as prohibition lasts people will continue to be punished. Let go of the past, don't let your idealism stand in the way of progress.
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  12. So you're telling me that legal cannabis to you means that regular ol' American folk still get jailed for growing their own? So legalization is this: To continue to prohibit the growing of cannabis plants to the public in order to legalize the current prohibition of growing cannabis plants?
  13. To me legalization means it's not against the law. Any law relaxing sanctions against cannabis is a step in the right direction. By reading the article you cited it appears you're more concerned about who makes the profit than you are in making progress toward legalization.
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    Yes the state is concerned who makes the most profit I agree. I'm just showing you who has invested into the states med programs brother, I never said you had to like it though.

  15. Guy's even named after a dick
  16. Buy the best pot no matter who produces it and don't let your idealism stand in the way of progress toward legalization. We just saw what happened in New York, thanks for that.
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  18. I'm Keanu.
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