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who is the biggest chiefer?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_will, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. I think that i am currently a big chiefer, not the biggest cause i dont smoke 24/7. I smoke weed everyday, every night and get fucked up. Id say im a big chiefer cause all that smoking is making me dumb as hell. If i go a day without it hard as hell to.

    How much does a person have to smoke to be considered a true stoner?

    Who is the biggest stoner you know and how much does he or she smoke?

    Do you know anybody who smokes weed that you would have never imagined them smoking weed, especially girls? I met this girl at this party one time that i went to school with and i would have never imagine her smoking weed, but every time i would bring it up she would be like alright and she kept up with me for a while.
    I love girls that smoke weed.


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    <FONT size=2 FACE='verdana,arial,sans-serif'>Speak Out to Legalize Marijuana

  2. I'm the person no one ever expected to smoke weed. I used to smoke every day, too, rolling blunts and Js all the time. Those were some good times. I knew a lot of people who smoked pot before I ever started so when I started there were tons of people who thought it was awesome and started hooking me up. It was great.
  3. Same here man. I like started smoking weed in high school and i was like considered like one of those people doesnt do anything illegal or something. I blew their minds. I started smoking with some of the biggest chiefers in school and they like trained me. Now i have had so much weed through my blood i am like in love with the plant and the whole getting stoned every time kind of thing. Im such a stoner like everyday i seem to look at the clock at 4:20, exactly, not 4:19 or any other minute close to that.

    Im a stoner and i am proud of it.
    Free the weed.
    fight for legalization
    sign petitions
    write gov officials
    speak out
    do something and in the mean time SMOKE ONE!
  4. I used to clear gravity bong hits from those 2-liter Gatorade bottles back to back to back (the smoke turned thick white).

    I had to quit once it took 3 rips to get high, too much tolerance build up.

    Ahh yes the good ol' days, now I mostly stay sober and smoke on the occasion :(
  5. i know you are here to help us big will but how about this why don't you just put that link as your signiture and quit spamming the same thing constatly we all have rights but i think theres a line dude and you should respect that being The Biggest Stoner ;)
  6. I started getting a bunch of the good kids from my class high. It blew other kids minds when they found out some of the people I smoked with let alone got high the first time.
  7. "How much does a person have to smoke to be considered a true stoner?"

    Wellll, how much? A bowl. Even just once or twice a year.. If you like getting stoned, you're a true stoner? I think..
  8. some people say i look like a stoner, and othere still cant believe i smoke.... weird i dont get it, i think of me as a stoner.. i guess... but a lot of people are like "BS, you dont smoke!!!??!?!!" meh, i dont care
  9. I like the fact that i don't look like a stoner. It keeps me out of so much trouble. I walk outside with hand rolled cigs that look like spliffs and no one says a damn thing.
  10. lol wang, you damn short haired hippy!
  11. the fact that someone worries about being a true stoner or not seems to me at least that the person is not . meh

  12. Who cares about labels? Making it too obvious is a good way to get busted.

  13. I am very proud of my stonership. I would shout it from the rooftops if I would get away with it..hmm....

    Honestly, when it comes to weed I don't give a damn what anybody thinks. I even talk to cops about it. I had a long conversation with this one cop who used to come in my work about High Times once...I told him it pissed me off that I got carded buying it.

    So if any cops are reading this, COME AND GET ME, I DARE YOU!

    My name is Mary, I am a stoner, and I am proud of it!

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