Who is more bad ass, Jango Fett or Boba Fett?

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  1. Jango:




  2. Dude Bobba is like the way to go! He's like Jango but in miniature. He totally is all silvery and whatnot and can totally beat anyone up. Like Yoda or whatever but they don't fight very often. So then Anakin is freaking out because he cannot remember what was happening with Princess Padmae but he was just a little boy. He didn't know what it meant or what he would do if he ever met a bounty hunter like Jango or Bobba, but Bobba doesn't come until the later movies. Or books. You decide what to do. That feeling though, requires you to reevaluate how you feel about literature vs. movies and how you feel about the thoroughness in which they deliver information. Some people might feel that the movie does not live up to the books standards of content or that some books are just too full of random, and not needed details that ultimately end up bogging the story line down because it takes away from the importance of the material. The people who feel that movies are better might also say that the movie conveys more information in a way that is concise, digestible, and also entertaining than many novels. So...yeah...Bobba.
  3. what the shit. ^
  4. They're the same. Boba is a clone of Jango.
  5. I'm serious guys. Boba. Boba.
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    Bah, beat me to it! :p

    But I'll say Boba (Jango) Fett because he just seems cooler and the kid who played Jango (Boba) in the new movies couldn't act and it bothered me. :p

    EDIT: I fucked up the names. Just read the names in parenthesis. :(
  7. Jango For sure.
  8. Diden't babo have sexual fantasies of han solo or something?
  9. no, thats just you

  10. This is signature worthy, it actually made me laugh.
  11. imo, boba.
  12. Jango of course. Boba would be nothing without him. And Jango just seems must more legit, Boba just comes off as a scrapper while Jango is a classy hit man.
  13. Must be a fan thing, I see the same guy haha.
  14. New question, which one died like a bitch?

    I vote Jango, Boba just got screwed over.

    Decapitation > Getting hit from behind.

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