Who is Jesus?

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  1. I'm curious to know if anyone has any thoughts on Jesus. Has anyone had any experiences or been compelled by the teachings of the Hebrew scripture?
  2. He's someone who wants Peyton Manning's neck broken.......according to Pat Robertson. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SmZ5lh-fCE&feature=g-all-u&context=G2133c09FAAAAAAAAFAA]Pat Robertson Hopes Peyton Hurts His Neck - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Jesus was a real person. Son of god? Born of a virgin mother? Who knows. But I do find it funny when people post on here saying he never lived. There's a lot of evidence of his life found outside of the bible, as well as evidence of Pontius Pilate.

    Cornelius Tacitus (c. A.D. 55-120) was not Jewish or Christian, but was a well known Roman historian and has a lot of writings about Jesus' lifetime.

    Thallus was a Samaritan born historian and wrote about Jesus' life.

    Non-Christian, non-Jewish sources (principally Roman, Greek). These consist of the writings of a number of Greek or Roman historians, and refer to the history of Jesus because of the trouble the Christian movement was causing in the empire at the time. The records are normally antagonistic, since they have nothing to gain by admitting the historicity of the events.

    There obviously isn't any evidence of him performing miracles or anything, but to say that the bible is the only testimony of his mere existence is seriously ignorant.
  4. haha, if u wanna hear some crazy shit about jesus, u should google "suicide note pdf" by mitchell heisman, crazy ass dude wrote a 2000 page book of crazy theories, some of which make sense, and then offed himself. anyways theres some interesting things about jesus in there.

  5. Here it is. :)

  6. Many people were real...

    But yeah the Jesus concept is much older than Hebrew religion, they simply copied it off older SUCSESSFUL religions.

    Jesus has many names depending on how far you go into history.

  7. This is correct. The stories of Jesus, in the bible, were based on previous religious and pagan beliefs.

    Christianity threatens every member the human race with eternal damnation if they don't accept the savior god Jesus, and promises eternal happiness if they do believe in him. It is a fraud of the highest magnitude, yet even our political leaders subscribe to this destructive nonsense, or pay it lip-service by claiming to.
  8. Jesus used to mow my lawn...

    Or is the pervert from The Big Lebowski.
  9. Everyone who meditates or uses 'mind altering' substances have seen identical visions... None of which contained a bearded savior...

    Obviously not everyone but most ;)
  10. I think jesus is a pretty cool guy, eh gets people wasted off water and doesn't afraid of anything.

  11. Well, yeah, the stories in the Bible were taken partially from older religions, myths, etc. But you have to remember, as others here have noted, that Jesus was a real guy. It's just that the gospels were written many years after Jesus had already passed, and each writer of the various gospels had their own "version" of Jesus that they wanted to create. In other words, the gospels are each accounts of Jesus--partially based on fact, partially based on myth--which the writers of the gospels were trying to use to create their own "Jesus." It's only much later that the gospels were all put together along with a lot of other books (Corinthians, Revelation, etc.) into a thing that we now call the "Bible." This was never intended by the original authors, and it accounts for all the innumerable inconsistencies between the various accounts.

  12. But more importantly there are Pagan historians who wrote of his existence, as well and Pontius Pilates.

    Edit: The point of me saying 'Pagan' historians was to emphasize that not everyone who wrote about him had a religious agenda.
  13. some ppl say i look like jesus
  14. You sure? Explain cathloism
  15. Well there is no proof Jesus actually existed. In Judaism they believe he was just a regular guy. Which is what i believe too, but i'm not jewish.
  16. [ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=696492648668420724]The God Who Wasn't There - History of the Gospels[/ame]
  17. Who IS Jesus?

    A bunch of dust.
  18. Umm...yeah, I guess there's no proof the world existed a hundred years ago, but we pretty much all think (at least as far as I know) that it did. There are innumerable accounts of Jesus' existence, including, as Runningw235 pointed out, many non-Christians. Kid Solo Dolo also mentioned that most Jewish people today don't believe that Jesus was actually the messiah but that he was certainly a real guy. This goes for most non-Christians, although there are some (such as certain Buddhists) who believe that he was a messiah or holy man, but not the holy man, as most Christians believe. Catholicism developed much later on. Protestantism (which includes all the major denominations that we know today such as Baptists, Methodists, Evangelicals, etc.) developed even later (with the coming of Martin Luther) in the 16th century.

    Anyway, I personally believe that Jesus was most definitely a real man. As a matter of fact, Jesus was a pretty badass dude. He was a poor, Jewish man from the tiny-ass town of Bethlehem, who preached peace and equality and forgiveness and love. Unfortunately, I don't think most modern Christians would recognize the historical Jesus, who was, in reality, totally against the authorities of his day, and also against any sort of hypocrisy or even financial or otherwise inequality. Had marijuana been an issue in his day, Jesus would have certainly stood for its legalization.

    It's because Jesus was so opposed to the authorities of his time (as well as the fact that he was gaining a following of his own) that he was eventually crucified, which is most certainly a historical fact (although you have to be a "true believer" to think that he was actually resurrected). Many more contemporary anti-authority figures (think of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, or even John Lennon) have been eliminated in much the same way...
  19. My philosophy teacher brought up that Jesus was a communist, or practiced communist values. I thought that was kind of interesting to think about.

  20. That's more or less true, but there wasn't really ANY democracy going on in that part of the world at the time.

    That being said, communism was pretty much the only system of government anyone could think of other than the tyranical systems they were governed under.

    It'd be near impossible to be in that situation and run around advocating a democratic republic, like the one we have. Those ideas just weren't being thrown around.

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