Who is good with bin files and emulators?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Sc0pe, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I got a new phone and installed this psx emulator, ive downloaded a few games which seem to work ok
    but some of them have several bin files which makes it impossible to play the game

    ive been told this is because of "seperate disks" but the games i got are just single disk games

    does anyone know how i can combine the bin files into one?

  2. there usually is a setup in there along with the files,but sometimes I think it gets lost after you download it.What did you download it with?Bit-torrent or anything like that?
  3. They're right, it should be one file. Only time I've had to run multiple bin are for multiple discs which you will manually "change" when needed. Make sure you are downloading the original file as a whole and not a multipart raw. If you're still having trouble find another source.
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  4. Yeah it was with bitorrent, the game was the lost world jurassic park for ps1, it is in 3 seperate bin files
  5. Yeah man open up bitorrent and click on the torrent you downloaded and scroll down to files at the bottom and look for setup.exe im 80% it'll be there than right click it and click relocate then look again in the folder

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