who is funniest?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 29, 2003.


who is the biggest laff>?

  1. namron

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  2. critter [IMG][/IMG]

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  3. bongish (kind of)

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  4. obliviot

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  5. mooglekexin

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  6. Zonedude

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  7. sensimil

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  8. bud head

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  9. big poppa puff

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  10. adam bc :D

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  1. simple e nuff ^
  2. my appologies to those whom i didnt put on the list, there are many more whom deserve a mention. but for teh sake of this poll, lets just pretend they all lost their sence of humour in a freek belt sander accident involving parsley.
  3. hahaha why am i on there???

    id have to say zonedude for sure. his no bullshit gay style is hilarious ;)

    (edit: hmm... that might of sounded kinda harsh?? anyways it was meant as a compliment.)
  4. Why isn't Digit on there??

    I'll vote later!
  5. well when it came to the 10th spot i torn between about a dozen people, you were the first person i thought of then the other 11 or so, but it came back to you again when i thought how you feel underappreciated (undernoticed?).

  6. hahahah, no votes for me will only further my feelings :D

    buts its all good, if noone ever replied to one of my posts, id still come here everyday posting up a storm untill one of you finally got tired and banned me ;)

    thisll be a tight race between bongish zonedude and bliv.
  7. hmmmmm, that's a tough poll there dig. i cry and laugh so hard sometimes at all of you lol aaaahhh the times, but if i have to single out one person, i would have say bongish, the trio is the best lol but bongy baby u always make me laugh!
  8. i think everyone should just vote for woody. ... *looks at options and slaps forehead* doh!

    ok... uhh... woody got struck down by the belt sander too....

    uhh.... zonedude by a nose and a nose hair.
  9. maybe we should unplug the belt sander soon??
  10. ok, let me rephrase...

    thisll be a a tight race between bliv, bongish, and zonedude, allthough there loose asses will be slowing em down by draging on the ground behind them...

    (thats a very odd mental picture, but hilarious nonetheless)

  11. no way.

    we still have so much parsley to smooth down.

    you dont want rough shabby parsley do you?
  12. well i guess not, that would just be horrible, and how else are we going to get fresh breathe?!?

    hmm... maybe if we turned it down a little? just so it couldnt grind down face so well, but still make our parsley smooth as bongishs freshly waxed ass.
  13. moogle has had computer problems extremo. he should be back sometime. ...infact... idk why he dont just come down to my house... we got two puters he could use.
  14. see!? see!? ^^^

    i knew i shoulda put woodeh on da list.

    oh bums.
    anyways, looks like you survived the belt sander... but eh, just escaped the draft for the poll.
  15. oi

    Namron is definitaley the original king of comedy.
    Hes been lack in his posts lately though, but he can never be duplicated or replaced.

    hes the only one I know of who can successfully run through a thread naked for no apparent reason.

    go namron!

  16. grrrr, he's the original post whore ya damn yungin.

    now go spend some time in church
  17. maybe IM your problem!!! Ever think of that! HUH!! PUNk!!

    (if you did... it wouldnt matter...i really doubt i am..)
  18. Can you guess who i voted for?
  19. i said obliv... all were funny, just had to make one.. was a close race tho.. it was a race
  20. critter. no two ways about it.

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