who is anthony rapp

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  1. does anyone remember anthony rapp? who is he? where did he go? you have to keep going now. i understadnd. i feel like such a huge fucking retard right now for some resonf
    i thought lsd was supposed to be more civilised than this bnut i am in a jiant clusterfuck of the 70's itsellf
    this is so stupuid

    i have been here this entire time, but i ve been here even longer, civilisations!!!! i have been fhere for centuiries!!!!! i am not even here

    see i really do wish i lived in the 70s though!! theyd be fuckin sweet

    this is giving me a whole new sense n=of who i am and hwere i am but really as a person what point i have come to in my life that i ended up here and i am feeling like i am working pretty well suddenly like clockwork
    this reminds me of a dream i had once a really long tim e ago
    i was tila tequila????

    but everything i mean here right now what is going arround it has happened before you know?

    everything keeps happening over and over
    for hours
    it is 9:30 it started 4 hours aho and i keep coming to the same conclusions!!! it is so annoyinmg tyhat it took me four hours to type this1!!!

  2. yo i am trpping on acid lol
  3. Dont do it.

  4. you need to go for a walk, my friend
  5. I haven't tried acid yet, but I really want to.
    Having fun?

  6. Acid is great!

    Alot of people now-a days buy into the toxicity propaganda but even the history channel says it has less toxicity then a can of coke. They address the overdose and spinal myths too.

    [ame="http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1t3gp_imax-history-of-lsd-1-of-4_politics"]Dailymotion - IMAX: HISTORY OF LSD 1 OF 4 - a News & Politics video@@AMEPARAM@@http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x1t3gp@@AMEPARAM@@x1t3gp[/ame]
  7. I'm Anthony Rapp! Break yo'self fool!
  8. the biggest difference is that i'm just incredibly fucking confused right now and have been for the past few hours

    i really thought i was in california hahahahahaha

    ok some back story since you are not here: i live in charleston sc and i am watching dazed and confused it's great!
  9. i am having trouble reconciling actors and characters and people and paragraphs
  10. Anybody notice the tag on this thread?


    I guess that makes sense haha
  11. That's wonderful!
    I'm going to do it soon.
    I'm just waiting on one of my best mates to be ready.
    We've wanted our first time to be together for years.
    But we've both heard that you should do it at a really good point in your life, and while I'm at a really good point, she isn't.
  12. thanks for that vid, seems interesting.
  13. what????????????
  14. you guys should see velvet goldmine
  15. man that was a fuckin WHILE AGO

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