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Who introduced you to weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Eternal Ruhi, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Man dude I'm still young and I feel like that. I wish I could go back a couple years and just prepare for all the stuff I was about to come into. Reminiscing can be sad but also good :) 
  2. A whole ago when I was 14 me and my best friend are waking down the street. He jokingly asks a black guy. "Aye you got some weed" he comes up and he's like yea keep walking and he's like how old are you and I'm like 16. We get a gram of bammer and he calls his brother. His brother comes and makes a bottle pipe. I didn't get high. That's the day I learned my best friend of 3 years has been smoking for 5 years and I didn't even know it. Hahaha next time we used a glass pipe and I got blazed. We played Xbox and ate a bunch of random food.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. [quote name="IvGotMilk" post="19444680" timestamp="1391221345"]Someone in our group at school new a few other people that went to a different high school about 40 mins apart. He lived in a small village between the 2 towns in the middle of nowhere - so he found an amazing spot in a forest that was actually a large old quarry. It was probably about 40m long by about 25m across and the ground was thick soft grass.Anyway, so he organized a big get together for our two groups to meet up and drink together in the summer. It was amazing, this guy, me and another friend went early to set things up like tents, seating areas and collected wood for the fire. We'd often take a break and we'd take a few cold beers out the cooler and sat up one side of the quarry, just enjoying the warm summer evening. We even had a cuban cigar one night (which was a big deal since back then we were only 15ish).People started arriving at the party... people who i had never seen in my life, but also my best friends. It seemed like the other group were all good friends too (probably about 15 of us per group). We immediately all started talking and having fun and the drinks starting flowing. The fire was great too, because it lit up the entire quarry and you could see silhouettes on the rock walls.So later on in the night around dusk, one of our new friends took out a baggy with weed in it. I was so intrigued as this the very first time i'd ever seen bud. He kept saying how the amount cost him so little but that meant nothing to me, I had no concept of costs... i'd never even seen it! He rolls a joint and takes a couple of hits and passes it. There was a line of us sitting opposite the fire just watching the joint get passed. I could see it getting closer and closer to me and I really couldn't decide whether or not to smoke. It felt like one of those videos in school where you see all your friends taking drugs and they always made out weed to be as bad as like heroin or cocaine. All this was rushing through my head, so when the joint got to me, I just said "i'm good". Everyone was really surprised.As I passed the joint to my left, I just saw a missed opportunity for a new experience. So when they joint was getting passed back, I took a couple of tokes. Best decision ever! After that I got the giggles all night. I didn't have a tent so my friend, this new friend (he had huge ears lol) got our sleeping bags around the fire pit and laughed our asses off just saying random shit to eachother back and forth. Looking back, I really miss those days... you had 8 weeks of nothing, no school or work.... and everything was a new experience - like being able to go drinking with your friends, trying new drinks, first time having feelings for girls, first time getting high, lying to parents about what you've been doing all night... EVERYTHING was a new experience. I wish you could just re-live your first experiences of the small beauties in life[/quote] we all miss those days Wel alSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I was at a party when I was a jr in high school and my friend Brian had a joint that he shared with me. Never looked back :bongin: :)
  5. Brother and sister introduced me to it. They used to smoke in the house and i'd tell on them :p however first person i smoked it with was my cousin just after my 14 and his 15 birthday in july. We had a two week stoner session :smoke:  :smoking:
  6. One of my best mates and his crew were into it and they introduced me. Now they've all stopped and I'm still going ;)
  7. Myself, haha..
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    weed is like heroin in Asia lol 
    so when I first moved to California 7 years, i refused to have anything to do with that dangerous drug. 
    But my curiosity got the best of me and I always wondered what weed looks like and how you use it (I thought you had to snort it like cocaine..) my friend showed me in his car and i hated the smell. I tried it a couple of months later and had a pretty good giggly night but I never tried it again for years after that and never became a regular users until I started to do my research on the internet. 
    I never really started using it and experimenting with it until I was 23!
  10. My bud Dave was my first but I'd have to say my cousin really got me in

    It's not peer pressure, it's just your turn.
  11. Me and my cousin were living in this old house with one other roommate, this really fly 30 year old chick. She was super laid back about us getting ripped all the time, but she would always make us clean the house first, but that was ok, it kept us from being totally useless. 
    Anywho, a good friend of hers knew a grower who could cultivate some gnarly shit, she (our roommate) hooked us up this one night, and we planned to get faced as all get out. This was my first time smoking weed, although I had done TONS of research on the internet and watching documentaries and shit, I practiced rolling joints with tea and everything. I was ready for this night. 
    It must have been December 23rd 2012, me and my cousin went into the attic with the eighth of dank and our roommate went with us to watch and laugh at our noobishness (she smoked when she was younger I think, but now she only made edibles.) We didn't have any papers, and we didn't feel like going out so I rolled a shitty joint with tracing paper.
    Hands shaking, I lit the 'joint' .... drag ... wait .... exhale ... pass
    I sat for a few minutes thinking.... Is it working? I don't feel it?
    WHAM!!! It was like a warmth that built up behind my ears then proceeded to fuck my occipital lobe like a $2 hooker. I said, "this doesn't suck." Then, I shit you not, I laughed non stop from then 7:00 pm to about 8:45 only taking a break to breathe or stare at my hands. After that I could form words, but I had the biggest, ear-to-ear shit-eating smile, it was ridiculous. We spent the rest of the night wrapping presents for this in patient house for mentally challenged deaf people. We were involved in like a secret santa deal, they all wrote down what they wanted, we bought it and wrapped it, then delivered it early EARLY on christmas morning.
    You heard me right, the first time I got stoned, I did not watch tv all night, I did not listen to dark side of the moon over the wizard of oz, I did not eat my weight in dorritos and taco bell, and although it felt like it, I didn't melt into the couch or have a conversation with my dog... I wrapped christmas presents for charity. Take that, above the influence
    It was an amazing night... totally a first and last high though, even after a year t-break and a night full of dabs I didn't get that high again... I got close... but nothing quite holds up to that virgin toke. ;D
    :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
  12. The mo fukkin media B)
  13. When I was young my parents would always tell me how terrible pot is and shit.  Then I went to High School and saw everyone was smoking and I kinda realized "wow, weed doesnt actually make your brain melt"
    blaba125 :bongin:

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