Who here's from AZ?

Discussion in 'General' started by HitsFromTheZong, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I'm not from Arizona, although I'll be moving to Tempe in 5 days to start school at Arizona State
  2. I just moved back to nashville from tucson. Pretty cool place. Too fuckin hot all the time for me though. Great bud for 50 all the way. (if you know the right people)
  3. haha me too
  4. Niiiice

    What dorm?
  5. i'm from az
  6. fuck those shitty dorms. Join ΑΕΠ (Alpha Epsilon Pi). I know their house dealer. That house is always partying, and dank is in great abundance there.
  7. I live in AZ, I live up in Anthem.:bongin:
  8. I been to Arizona.
  9. Going back this fall for college in Tempe, no ASU here, UAT. :eek:
  10. Sonora Center. I think it's one of the Hassayampa dorm buildings. My major is business/entreupreneurship so I think that is the dorm that most students in that major are assigned to.

    How about you?
  11. I'm staying in Ocotillo, also a business major.

    I leave tomorrow and I cant fucking wait.
  12. Im from Scottsdale. Its pretty bomb.
  13. Am from Scottsdale.

    Totally lacking guidance and company :(

    I guess purpose of making it illegal is to understand the importance of herb but..but...
    but when you do not know how to, it sucks :(
  14. im from Yuma but i dont live in AZ anymore
  15. Ill be moven down there next week. Dont know a single person down there though.
  16. I live in scottsdale.

    Moving to mesa in a few months though.

    Weather is great as of right now.
  17. NAU Lumberjacks :)

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