Who here.

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Pretends to smoke weed cause they like the whole stigma of being like WOOO STONER. I'm a stoner like.

    Ya know.

    I mean, most of us here blaze, but we tend to ignore the fact that some people here are probably PRETENDING to fit in, it's like an erotic fantasy of theirs to talk to stoners and stuff, when personally they don't even have a CLUE what chronic smells like!

    So kaman. Non stoners, if your out there, fess up;)

    We won't be THAT MEAN,

    I personally am indeed a stonzoid. Have a need for weed. Smoke a lot of pot. But fess up! Those who do not...
  2. im pretty sure there is not a whole bunch of users just being posers here. not wourth there time (unlike if they did it infront of there buddies at school).

    but there are definetly people here who havn't smoked up. they are just reading about it first.
  3. Im not sure... Who here would fess up to 'pretending' to have smoked?

    Im sure there are some people in this forum that would tear them up for saying they've pretended. Definitely not good.

    Of course, people are always entitled to read about marijuana before they decide to blaze up. Better to know first hand.
  4. Well then.

    Ha ha.


    Then I had you all fooled all along. Tis me who doesn't know the smell of freshly picked marijuanna, tis me!

    That means my sneaky tactics of deception have been worth my while thus far.


    No lol I'm just kidding actually, I do smoke weed.

    Really, I do.
  5. Bend over and grab your ankles.
  6. you are probably so high right now.
  7. They may be people who embellish in there stories and mayne post some internet found pics of bud but I'm pretty sure we all chief.
  8. I don't like your tone, sir.
  9. I've never smoked marijuana.
  10. Looks at just blaze's gallery milk shot. So I assume THAT was oregano?
  11. I would care if there are people here who don't smoke... as long as they don't mess with my high I'm cool... little kids are so funny when your high... it's so damn funny...
  12. I DON'T like your TONE!


  13. PFF of course!:p
    Marijuana, the devil's drug and me...YEAH RIGHT!:laughing:

    but seriously, i don't care if somebody doesn't smoke why do you think we're going to make fun of them?:confused:

  14. probably?
  15. i am high and you sir tyrone, are cracking me up right now
  16. i am stoned and stop with the sirring!

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