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Who here?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BossOTheGhetto, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. saves every roach after smoking a joint. I smoke daily and keep em all till Im dry. If Im dry I got enough roaches for 2-3 days, when you cant get a hook up.
  2. I save all my roaches, but sometimes if I feel like it, I throw the roach into my water bong and smoke it
  3. All the time. I carry around a roach tin with me, every time I'm around and a joint gets smoked it goes in the tin. Save them up and smoke a roach blunt when you dont have weed.

    One time I saved up until I had something like 50 roaches. Then me and my buddies smoked em all in 1 day...rolled like 4 blunts plus a bunch of bongloads, I was high all day.
  4. I should save my roaches, but if I have a bowl around me at the time I usuall just break the roach up and pack the bowl. I also roll a lot of my joints with spliffs in them now, so there arent really any roaches.
  5. believe it or not at the end of the weeks i counted and i have like 115 roaches. that'll last ya
  6. as much as i should ..i dont normaly smoke enough joints to bother....
  7. Same. Don't really smoke too many joints unless on the road...and then, I'm still more apt to use a pipe/bong.
  8. i always save the roach, comes in pretty fuckin handy when ur dry
  9. i just smoke my weed? why put the doob out early and save a roach when you can just smoke the whole thing down. thats why you bought it right?

    just save a small piece of actual green for later and you want have to carry around a stinky ass tinnnnnnn.
  10. not usually because i roll with a crutch, but if theres ever a roach left over i like to save them.
  11. back when i used to smoke joints i'd save them. my buddy used to blow the ash off peopl
    e bowls when they were done and then would dump any big chunks left in the bowl into a jar and after a while had enough little peices of bud to roll a short j and smoke. free weed is good weed no matter how shitty it is to get
  12. I normally save them, to smoke later that day, lol, i just can't seem to hang on to my roaches long enough to rool a joint out of them!
  13. i save mine too. always nice to see those babies when ur dry;)
  14. i save my roaches for the last bowl of the night. heehee like right now *passes the bowl* but there's only ever enough for one bowl cause I mostly smoke the pipe - j's are too much work :D
  15. I use a self made filter and never have weed left after smoking a nice fat joint :(
  16. I never do seeing as here in the Uk we roll with card filters/roaches, so as there is no weed left to save, i wouldnt really have the need for some nasty smelling piece of card.

  17. That goes for me too, just use cartons. The max waste might be a tiny tiny bit, not worth it to carry the stinky things around...

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