Who here smokes black&milds and inhales them

Discussion in 'General' started by ShaggyDoobie, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I know iv'e seen threads on blacks in Grasscity but does anyone here inhale them, or take the cancer paper out and THEN inhale them?
  2. I always took the paper out, we called it freaking a mild, but I can't recall actually inhaling it, I just liked the taste after a nice fat blunt
  3. Nah I don't. Maybe a few hits if I'm too drunk and forget it's not a cigg but never on purpose. I love me my wine blacks, and down here they cost $1.18 compared to around $3 back in NY. Win
  4. I don't think cancer paper exists lol. Why would there be a little piece of paper they put in there that consists of stuff that gives you cancer? Doesn't make sense.
  5. I smoked the shit out of those bitches back in high school.
    I'm tobacco free now though.

  6. Technically it's called cancel paper. But people say cancer paper because it's a little strip of paper on the mouthpiece that's loaded with extra nicotine.
  7. I've always inhaled them. And Cigarettes. Just how I do it I guess. Never knew that people actually didn't until I found this site :p
  8. Ohh okay I feel you. That's interesting. When I used to smoke blunts everyone would freak out about taking out the "cancer paper". I always did remove it but I never saw it as cancer paper lol.

  9. Well you aren't supposed to inhale cigars because the tobacco is grown/cured/whatever so they it gets into you via your tongue. Which is why you can get tongue bite. But black and mild and most cigarillos are much smoother than most cigars so many people can inhale them without getting sick.
  10. It's like some nasty cardboard paper lined on the inside of the cigarillo with tons of carcinogens, iv'e only seen it been called a cancer paper so that's just what iv'e been calling it.
  11. Ive inhaled almost every black n mild ive ever smoked
    I think theyre alot smoother than ciggs
    But i cant finish half of it or else id just get too light headed and end up with a gnarly headachr

    Wine and the new summer blend are my favs
  12. I liked me some primetimes :D

    I used to smoke black n milds when I first got introduced in smoking cigars/cigarettes.
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    Like the same amount of smoke from a black that you would take in with a cig the black and mild is smoother than cigs?
    idk if this makes sense i'm high:bongin:

    edit; Yea wine is the best i had, but i still want to try the summer blend and never got a chance to yet.
  14. Haven't enjoyed a black and mild for a little while,I want one now ha ha.But I do inhale them when I smoke them,though you were supposed to?
  15. You're not supposed to inhale them like cigs cause its like pipe tobacco or something idk alot about them but i guess you're not supposed to inhale that shit. I hear they're fucking horrible for you though

  16. Hell, I still inhale them.
  17. Well they are cigars with pipe tobacco in them,so yes they are pretty bad for you,but that's why you enjoy them every now and then.You really aren't supposed to inhale any cigar I am pretty sure.Around here people like to pass black and milds around after a smoke sesh or just to pass.They are a social thing here.

  18. Yea i inhale too when i'm smoking a black and mild but i try to not inhale too much or deep. Just stopped smoking cigs too from short time use.

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